Cheap Kayaks For Sale Under $200 | Check Feature Before Buying A Kayak

Kayaking has become the most loving water sport. Nothing better than enjoying the calm soothing waves of the river in a kayak.

But typically kayaking is supposed a pricey water sport. However, the reality doesn’t match this misconception.

Today many top-notch brands are selling high-performance kayaks under the most affordable price of $200 so that they can be taken to the reach of empty pocket water lovers.

In this detailed article, we have picked the top cheapest kayaks under $200 for those who are still failed to find out the one.

What if you invest the saved money but leave the shore in a devasting mood? To avoid such cases it is necessary to have proper guidance about how to purchase a kayak compatible with your kayaking style.

To assist our readers in good investing we have included a comprehensive buying guide.

In addition to that, a few of the frequently asked questions are replied to in the end if you are still left with any queries just ask in the comment section.

Now lets’ take a closer look at our top picks and how they are made to assist the kayakers.

Our Top Recommendations Include:

No# 1 Explorer K2 Kayak:

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The first kayak we are going to review is ‘Explorer k2’. It’s not only our top pick in the guide but also the foremost choice of the paddlers looking for a high-performance kayak at a cheap price. Let’s get into its detailed qualities and discover how ‘Explorer K2 facilitate its drivers.

What makes the kayak perform efficiently? No doubt it’s the material, the kayak is constructed. Top-quality material implies the efficient driving of a kayak and results in a chill-out tour. Explorer K2 is rugged with 30-gauge vinyl that guarantees durability and longer life for years.

If you are taking extra accessories, then don’t reach the weight limit of 400 pounds. Even if you get closer to the mentioned weight capacity, the risk of capsizing and flipping over would be increased.

Moreover, the kayak has three separate air chambers. Inflation becomes convenient with the provided hand pump. Despite the hand, that the pump works awesome and quickly, you can look for an electric pump to make the process extra easy.

Explorer K2 is a tandem kayak. The seats are adjustable, inflatable, and cozy which provides a relaxed sit while enjoying the sunset scene. The seats get tightened and removed easily.

Additionally, to take extra gear on the trip the kayak also comes with a handbag. Along with that, 2 four-piece paddles are also provided to the buyers.

It is also a perfect kayak to take your little pooch on the trip. Though the floor is rigid and sturdy to resist any puncture, still it is advisable to put a rubber mat before loading a dog on a kayak.

Overall, the kayak is extremely portable, lightweight, and fits perfectly for cheap buyers. As you read above, not a single prime feature is left to raise a question about the performance of the kayak. So shake your legs and grab your piece.

Pros & Cons

  • Durable construction material
  • Lightweight and sturdy that allows sharp turns
  • Removable skeg
  • Enough area for gears and accessories
  • Grab handles and lines that make the kayak portable
  • Comfortable
  • The best piece under a cheap price
  • The kayak is only made for small water bodies
  • Doesn’t have a paddle holder, however, the kayak has ample space to store the paddles inside.



No# 2 Intex Challenger Kayak:

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  • Polyvinylchloride (PVC) material
  • Kayak weight 11kg
  • Inflatable kayak
  • weight capacity of the K1 model is 100kg and the K2 model is 180kg
  • Both solo and a tandem kayak models

If you enjoy solo kayaking and cannot even pay above $100, then Intex Challenger K1 is going to match you best. Intex challenger is offering its best features in two separate models at a price of max. $120.

Intex Challenger comes in two models; k1 and k2. Both differ in dimensions, weight, and seating capacity. K1 is ideal for solo kayaking. It has a seating capacity for a single person and can hold a maximum weight of 220 pounds or 100kg, which is enough for a single person.

The cockpit length is 153cm, which is not advisable to use if your height is more than 5 ft 5”. Although it can be said, without doubt, that shorter boats are speedy, stable, and allow more sharp turns than longer ones.

On the other k2 model is a tandem kayak, that openly provides comfortable seating space for another partner, that can also be your dog. It can hold a max. weight to 400 pounds or 180kg.

It also comes with two paddles for both kayakers and provides good space for legs. The cockpit length is 337 cm, which is ideal if the kayakers are between 5ft to 6 ft.

The inflatable kayak is constructed with Polyvinylchloride (PVC) coated with vinyl material that is considered the most durable and rigid to resist any damage and punctures. PVC makes the kayak extremely lightweight and portable. Moreover, the material is also resistant to UV rays.

The kayak has a removable skeg to stable the direction. A cargo net is fitted on the front side to place the handbag full of gears and accessories, which allows for spending hours on the water.

It also offers a manual hand pump for inflation via Boston valves, aluminum oar, and a repairing kit along with the kayak.

Intex challenger kayak comes on the top in providing comfort and stability to beginners. It holds simple features that are efficient to learn the basic elementary kayaking skills.

Pros & Cons

  • Strong and rigid manufacturing
  • Durable
  • Grab lines for easy transportation and storage
  • Hand pump, paddles, and a storage bag
  • Not a big deal of buying a $90 solo kayak
  • Inflatable and adjustable seats with back support
  • Easy inflation/ deflation under 10 mins
  • The floor is rigid enough to withstand shallow rocks and resists cuts and leaks
  • Dog friendly
  • The storage bag isn’t much worthy


No# 3 Sevylor Quick Pak K1 Kayak:

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  • 21-gauge PVC
  • Kayak weight 18 pounds
  • weight capacity of 400 lb.
  • Tarpaulin floor
  • One person kayak

If you are a person who doesn’t like to have a partner, then Sevylor might suit you best. it is equipped with high-performance features that allow comfy solo rides at an extremely reasonable price. The kayak comes on the top of sales since it has the Amazon Choice tag.

Like the Intex Challenger, you would not find any compromise over the quality material of the Sevylor kayaks. Since the kayak is constructed with 21-gauge PVC that guarantees the durability and good stamina of the kayak.

With that said, in inflatable kayaks, PVC is the only high-duty construction material that is trusted worldwide and remains in high demand among kayakers.

The tarpaulin floor is tough and flat that is extremely resistant to cuts, tears, or punctures. You won’t regret it if you carry a little doggie without placing a rubber mat underneath. The kayak also has multi-air chambers to eliminate the risk of capsizing if any of the chambers deflate in the middle of the water.

Sevylor kayak has a comfortable seat with back support. Kayak also comes with a storage bag where the small sturdy kayak can easily be stored and transported anywhere.

A cargo net is additionally fixed to store extra gears. But keep in mind, the kayak weight capacity that is 400 lbs.

For quick inflation, a hand pump is also provided to make your kayak ready by pumping via double lock

valves, which additionally adds security and keeps the kayak afloat. The kayak also comes with one paddle that can be divided into two pieces to make the storage easy.

No worries about that either a small kayak can give space to a 6ft person or not. Since the kayak is sit-on-top and is 8ft long, that is enough to provide ample space for long kayakers. It also provides multiple footrest areas that you can choose from according to your height and comfort.

All in all, a high-performance and efficient kayak to learn the fundamentals of kayaking and side by side to enjoy the solo rides.

Pros & Cons

  • Can be utilized for years
  • Allows easy transportation
  • Beginners friendly
  • Cargo net and drink holder
  • Provides comfortable sitting due to multiple footrest positions
  • 5 air chambers
  • small storage area in the bow



No# 4 Sevylor Fiji Kayak:

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  • 22-Guage Polyvinylchloride (PVC) material
  • Kayak weight 0.4kg
  • weight capacity of 400 lbs.
  • Two person kayak

The kayaking becomes even more pleasant with a convenient size inflatable boat like a ‘ Sevylor Fiji’. It contains all the high-duty properties that are essential for efficient paddling. And what could be better than getting all supreme qualities in one boat that is even less than $150?

Again, we have mentioned here the supreme quality kayak made with PVC. It is sturdy and durable enough to let you enjoy the water waves for years.

The kayak can be used for both solo and tandem kayaking since the middle seat can be removed. Both the seats provide a comfortable sitting all on the way to ride with back support and ample room for legs.

Like other inflatable kayaks on the list, Sevylor Fiji has more than one air chamber to keep the kayak afloat if any of the chambers fail to function. The double lock valves add extra security to keep the kayak inflated and resist any risk of deflation on the water.

Moreover, the kayak also provides a storage bag and one paddle which is fine for beginners. However, to upgrade your kayaking skills you might need to replace the paddle with better quality after learning basic skills. Unlike other inflatable kayaks, Sevylor Fiji doesn’t come with a hand pump, you need to purchase it separately.

Sevylor Fiji kayak is long and wide enough to provide storage room for accessories to spend hours on the water. Additionally, the kayak is 10ft long when inflated which implies a more efficient cruise on the water.

However, if you are using the kayak for solo rides and like the sharp and speedy turns, you better look for shorter kayaks that are specially designed for solo kayaking.

Pros & Cons

  • Compact and durable construction
  • Can also be utilized for solo kayaking
  • Highest weight capacity that provides an opportunity to take necessary items.
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Multi air chambers keep the kayak afloat if any chamber loses air
  • You will need to spend extra money on a hand pump, as it doesn’t come along with the kayak.



No# 5 Lifetime 90479 Kayak:

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  • Made of Hard Shell material
  • Kayak weight 18 pounds
  • weight capacity of 130 lbs. or 59kg.
  • Specifically designed for the age of 5 and more.
  • Sit-on-top kayak

Have you planned a family trip including kids? If yes, then this kayak is perfect to teach the basic skills of kayaking to your kids. The Lifetime is specially designed a kayak for the kids of 5 or more, to let your kids familiar with the kayaking sport at a small age.

The one thing I admire most about this little kayak is its easy entrance for the kids. Now your kid can enter the kayak easily after swimming via the swim-up deck, while other adult kayaks didn’t assist in re-entry, especially for kids.

The kayak has a comfortable sitting position and footrest areas to paddle properly for hours. It also comes with a kid-friendly paddle to learn the basics of paddling techniques. Moreover, there are two drainage holes in the front side of the hull to remove the unnecessary water.

I must mention its weight capacity which is 130 lbs. that is more than enough to lift a 5 aged child. The kayak is just 18 pounds which allow easy transportation by holding the kayak from molded finger handle positions.

Additionally, to make the kayak extremely stable and balanced for kids the front sides of the bottom are reversed which eliminates the risk of flipping over and keeps the kayak direction straight.

In the end, the Lifetime kayak is perfect for the kid interested to learn kayaking at a small age. It contains all the basic features to assist your child to paddle efficiently in calm waters.

Pros & Cons

  • Durable and comfy design
  • Multi footrest positions for the kids of different ages
  • Two drainage holes
  • Slide back for easy entrance
  • Reverse chin to make the kayak extremely stable
  • It doesn’t have grab handles or lines.
  • No seatback, your child might get tired after some time.



No# 6 Intex 68310VM Dakota Kayak:

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  • Vinyl construction
  • Kayak weight 30.60 lbs.
  • weight capacity of 180kg
  • Tandem kayak

The Intex Dakota is also a top-notch kayak that offers high-performance features to make your kayaking tour extra cheerful. You won’t regret your purchase once Dakota starts enhancing your paddling skills. Though this inflatable kayak is not ideal for whitewater kayaking but has admirable work that let you enjoy the calm water waves.

The kayak’s Vinyl coating has allowed it to live for years without getting damaged by cuts and tears. Thanks to the I-beam floor that made the bottom was rigid and puncture resistant.

You might be thinking that either I can trust the floor or not if I load my pup on it, then a big Yes to your question. You can barely trust the floor but still, it is advisable to place a rubber mat so your furry doesn’t slip.

One more thing I just want to mention here is the grab handles and lines on the both front and rear sides of the kayak. It assists the kayaker in transportation. The kayak is also not too heavy, but extremely lightweight, as it is just 30lbs., two adults can easily move the kayak anywhere.

Moreover, the kayak has inflatable seats with back support to avoid leaning backward or forward. They are removable and adjustable according to needs. It also comes with two 86” oars and an air pump that makes the inflation/ deflation quite easier.

To keep the kayak straight and makes the turn smooth and easier, two skegs are fitted.

Additionally, 2 small dry bags and one handbag also came along with the kayak. While placing extra gears in the bag keep in mind the kayak’s 400lbs weight capacity.

Pros & Cons

  • Portable and lightweight
  • The hand pump works more quickly and smoothly than many others.
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Dog-friendly
  • Maintain straight direction
  • The construction proves unsatisfactory in some cases



No# 7 Pelican Solo 6 Feet Sit-on-top Kayak:

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  • Plastic material
  • Kayak weight is 19lb or 9kg
  • weight capacity of 100lb
  • One seat kayak for kids

Pelican Solo also stands in front that allows youngers to elders to taste the cheerful water waves by kayaking. Your kid also needs to get familiar with the water sport skills, Pelican Solo is an ideal choice to introduce kayaking to younger ones.

The 6 ft sit-on-top kayak is perfectly allowing the kids to play on the beach and re-enter the kayak via slide back with handles. While kayaking, the seat supports the paddler’s back nicely and provides ample space for legs and foot, all in all, the cockpit has a comfortable sitting position to paddle efficiently.

It also assists the user out of the water, as the kayak weight is just 9 lb. which is easy to take into the water using the grab handle on the front side. Pelican Solo is a self-bailing kayak, that has a drainage point inside the cockpit to remove the water.

The kayak comes with a kid-friendly aluminum paddle that is enough to teach the basics of kayaking. Kayaks also give room to store the paddles when not in use. Additionally, for a longer kayaking trip, your kid might need a small backpack. However, you have to take your storage bag since it doesn’t come along with a kayak.

In the beginning, your child only has to emphasize more on how to stable the kayak and maneuver correctly. Pelican Solo has a twin tunnel hull design that assists to stabilize the kayak and provides smooth mobility.

Another admirable feature to keep an eye on your kid’s kayak is a small flag. That adds extra security to the little kayak and it stays under notice to the parents.

Pros & Cons

  • Provides easy re-entry after swimming
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Portable
  • Small flag for extra safety
  • Multiple footrest positions
  • The extremely stable hull design
  • Best kayak to establish kayaking skills for youngers
  • In most cases, the paddle came with missing parts



No# 8 SUNDOLPHIN Sun Dolphin Aruba:

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  • Polyethylene construction
  • Kayak weight 27 pounds or 12kg
  • weight capacity 260 pounds or 117kg
  • Sit-in kayak
  • One person kayak

Boost your kayaking abilities to the next level with 8ft single-seated SunDolphin Aruba. Its high-duty manufacturing and smooth working will never let your mood down.

None other thing matches a rich-featured kayak at a highly affordable price, super fun for a person with a tight budget.

Its rugged and tough polyethylene construction has left no choice but to believe in its reliability for years. Its super-dense body is resistant to impacts and safely operates over shallow rocks.

Since it’s not an inflatable kayak but still extremely portable. Two adults can easily carry the kayak to the shore from grab handles on the front and rear sides. Its bright one-color appearance can be easily pointed out if lost.

Despite a sit-in design, the kayak has a large space to sit comfortably and store the necessary items. The wide cockpit surely assists in the efficient and smooth operating of a kayak.

It also allows super fun in fishing along with kayaking. The paddle can be stored in the holder while fishing.

Unfortunately unlike other kayaks on the list, SunDolphin doesn’t come with an oar and a storage bag. You need to spend extra pennies on both items.

Pros & Cons

  • Pros:
  • Portable and compact
  • Tough and sturdy construction
  • Give a satisfying ride at a cheap price
  • No paddle and storage bag
  • A bit difficult to stable the kayak and maneuver.



No# 9 Bestway Hydro-Force Koracle Kayak:

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  • Polyvinylchloride (PVC) construction
  • Kayak weight 19 pounds or 8.9kg
  • weight capacity of 330 pounds or 150kg
  • Made for solo kayaking

Now you are open to enjoying the fishing along with kayaking with an 8 ft solo Hydro-Force kayak. If you are the kind of person who loves to chill out waves and hunt fish without having a kayak partner, then is the ideal choice for you.

The Bestway provides an opportunity to upgrade the basic paddling skills to an expert level.

The hydro-force kayak is constructed with tough PVC material to enhance the durability and functioning of the kayak. The kayak also has a bright green appearance that is easily identified if lost.

One of the most admired features Hydro-force has is that it provides a fishing opportunity. A fishing rod is fixed on the kayak and an inflated backrest seat to wait for the hunt.

Moreover, the paddle can be parked in the paddle holder on the opposite side of a fishing rod. Concisely, a perfect fishing package at the cheapest price.

If we look further, hydro-force kayak assists multi-size kayakers since it has more than one footrest area to provide more comfy paddling.

Be grateful for its inflatable design and compact size that assures to facilitate transportation. The kayak comes with a hand pump that works quickly to get into the water and deflates to pack up.

Its max. weight capacity of 150 kg or 330lb. is another noteworthy feature that is mostly found in tandem kayaks. Normally two person’s kayak has a weight capacity of 180kg and the hydro-force solo kayak is offering to hold 150 kg, not a big difference.

Overall, it provides perfect stability and maneuver nicely. Price under $200 isn’t a big deal to buy a high-quality featured kayak.

Pros & Cons

  • Extremely stable
  • Compact size
  • Provides fishing facilities
  • Oar and fishing rod holder
  • Best for the money
  • Grab lines and handles on both front and rear sides for easy carrying
  • The material isn’t proved much durable in a few cases


No# 10 Hydro-Force Cove Champion Inflatable Kayak:

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  • PVC material
  • Kayak weight 8.14kg or 17.9 pounds.
  • weight capacity 100kg or 220lb
  • One seat kayak
  • Sit-in kayak

Don’t mix up the both Bestway Hydro-force Cove and Koracle, they differ in some qualities and functioning. Although, both are made to enjoy solo kayaking in lakes and rivers and are constructed with the most durable and sturdy PVC material.

Hydro-force Cove is a sit-in kayak that is normally admired by beginners, in the way they don’t remain in direct contact with water, and flip-over risk is also minimized. The structure is tough and reliable to remain on water for years.

Like other inflatable kayaks, it comes with a hand pump that has greatly reduced the effort of wasting time over inflation and quickly getting ready to go into the water.

It also has one paddle that is fine for beginners and seasonal kayakers, however, regular kayakers might need to replace the paddle to upgrade their skills.

The kayak is as compact and portable as can be. Being a solo kayak, it is much lighter in weight promises easy transportation, and helps in smooth mobility.

What else? Yes, last but not least, the kayak can hold a weight of 220 lb. or 100kg which is super enough for a single paddler. Moreover, two cargo nets are fitted on the front and rear sides to take extra luggage along if planned for a long water trip.

Pros & Cons

  • Grab lines have made the carrying easier.
  • Enough area to store gears
  • Hand pump assists in quick inflation
  • Compact and inflated seat with back support
  • Not heavier and moves calmly
  • Unlike other inflatable kayaks on the list, it doesn’t have a storage bag
  • Good tracking ability but could be better



Key Features to Consider Before Purchasing a Kayak:

While looking for kayaks, it becomes hard to choose one perfect piece out of fifty options. The more the number of options, the more will be a risk of picking the unsuitable kayak. However, the risk can be minimized or even eliminated if you keep in mind the few main factors to buying a flawless kayak.

We have listed down a few prime features that need to be considered before shopping for a kayak.

Kayak Material:

Whatever you are going to purchase, the material always comes first. High-duty material guarantees the durability and toughness of the kayak.

Kayaks are constructed with different materials among them Polyvinylchloride (PVC) is considered the best top-notch and cheap construction material. Kayaks rugged with PVC are extremely rigid and resistant to impacts. They operate smoothly over shallow rocks and are not exposed to damage by UV rays.

PVC kayaks are more portable, compact, and lightweight than other materials. When deflated they can be stored anywhere and surprisingly get easily fit into a backpack that has removed the daunting task of buying roof racks and loading a kayak on it.

Despite being rigid, PVC kayaks need a bit of security. Since kayaks made of PVC materials get easily damaged and snagged by fire, ice, and sharp edge objects, therefore, they need special care to resist impacts. Immediately seal the punctured or snagged area with repairing tools.

Weight Capacity of Kayak:

If you have planned to spend hours on the water then you must be bringing extra gears and accessories along. Manufacturers set up a specific limit of weight a kayak is allowed to carry, if you cross the weight limit then be prepared for capsizing.

While purchasing a kayak must note its maximum weight capacity from the description section, then load accessories accordingly.

Wait! There is a misconception regarding the weight capacity of a kayak, let me clarify that. If a kayak has a weight capacity of 300 pounds, it doesn’t mean that you can load 300 pounds of weight. It implies that a kayak would only stay on the water and without operating if you have loaded 300 pounds.

First of all, not down your weight and the accessories weight you are going to load on a kayak, the total weight should be 30-35 % less than the kayak’s weight limit. Now this will be the safe paddling

Comfort level:

Most of the kayakers get unable to operate the kayak smoothly and land on the shore in discontentment. The main reason behind their destroyed trip is an uncomfortable kayak. Even the expensive kayaks don’t provide the required comfort to maneuver the kayak smoothly.

While purchasing, make sure your kayak has a comfortable seat with a backrest to avoid leaning. Most of the kayaks also offer multi-footrest positions.

Storage area:

Are you planning for fishing in a kayak? Or do you want to take your pup along? Then look for a kayak that offers large storage space. Many kayaks come with a storage bag to provide ample room for your fishing items and other gears.

Your pet also needs to have some free space so that he can sit comfortably.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Who should buy the cheapest kayak?

If you are a beginner and new to kayaking then investing in a low-budget kayak is a good idea. Novice kayakers should better look for a stable kayak, high-featured kayaks might prove uncomfortable. Low-budget recreational kayaks provide good stability and easy maneuvering.

Moreover, seasonal kayakers are also advised not to spend money on purchasing expensive kayaks. As they only have to do kayaking after several months, so it is better to buy an inflated kayak with satisfactory features to avoid putting a hard shell kayak in a berth that easily gets scratched.

What accessories do I need to get into the water?

Almost every inflatable kayak comes with basic essential accessories e.g. paddle, a storage bag, and a hand pump. Still, there are a few necessary items that you should keep while going kayaking.

What other items should I need to buy more? It depends on the type of kayaking you are going for. For recreational kayaking, besides basic gear, it is advisable to take a life jacket, rope, and dry footwear.

For touring kayaking add a wet suit and a spray skirt. For even more dense kayaking in whitewater, it is advised to add a helmet, wet shoes, and a whistle to the essential item list.

What accessories do I need to get into the water

Hard shell kayaks or inflatable kayaks; which are more affordable?

A straight answer to the question is ‘Inflatable kayaks are relatively cheaper than hard shell kayaks’. The one big reason behind their affordable price is the cheaper yet high-duty construction material used to make an inflatable kayak.

Their high-quality manufacturing has added durability, rigidness, and toughness to the inflatable kayaks, that’s why inflatable kayaks are high in demand among kayakers.

On the other hand, hard shell construction materials like wood or fiberglass demand more money. Hard shell kayaks are also difficult to repair when damaged, however inflatable kayaks are quickly repaired.

If we talk about assistance in transportation, nothing matches with the inflatable material. It can be thrown in a cabin and easily get fit into a closet. Although, hard shell kayaks need special careful room to be stored.

How should I check the inflatable kayak while purchasing?

That is the most essential task to do while shopping for a new kayak. There is a short guideline to keep in mind before paying money to the seller.

First of all, inflate the kayak completely. Thoroughly check the kayak that either it has any puncture or air leakage from any point. Moreover, by inflating the kayak by yourself you will also notice the performance of a provided hand pump.

After that, sit in the kayak and check the space for your legs and footrest positions. Also, notice if the seat is comfortable and soothing.

If all the features are according to your requirement, now you are allowed to lighter your pocket.

But I am purchasing a kayak online? No worries, whatever the kayak you are going to purchase firstly carefully read the description and reviews of that kayak. If still, the kayak is not up to your demand then you have an option to return the kayak. Many online selling websites like Amazon are sincere in welcoming defective products via a return policy.


The only false statement about kayaking is it is deemed a wealthy people sport. However, the above-listed kayaks are proof that kayaking is within the reach of every water craving person. Yes! They are cheaper but don’t ignore them by saying that cheaper kayaks are not worthy.

Rotate your perception since the course has changed now.

That was all! I hope you have decided on the best piece you are going to purchase. All the mentioned kayaks are best in providing top-notch quality, durability, and comfy rides to the kayakers.

No matter novice or expert, inflatable kayaks are extremely stable and easy to maneuver than hard-shell kayaks. So order now and be prepared for a cheerful water trip.

Hey! This is Muneeza, a researcher and writer of the website. Utilizing my vast experience and in-depth research skill, I used to dig deep to find out the information you'll love to know about your favorite watersport. In case of any queries, reach out freely!

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