9 Best Inflatable Kayaks For Dogs | Buying Guide For Inflatable Kayak

There are a lot of people out there who want to kayak with their dogs but don’t know exactly how to travel kayak safely with their dogs and what are the Best Inflatable Kayaks For Dogs.

In this article, we have exposed the best inflatable dog-friendly kayaks. Each of them is a full-featured and advanced kayak having a high caliber of minimizing the kayaking hardships. All the features are widely exposed so that the best compatible kayak can be easily picked up.

You would be at high risk if your dog is unfamiliar with kayaking and the water environment. Stay on the safe side by adding a small training session of your dog before planning for a long kayaking drive.

Few safety measures are also listed so you can land safely to the shore after a comfortable and safe journey.

9 Best Inflatable Kayaks for Dogs

1. Sea Eagle SE370:

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  • Sit on top kayak
  • 650lb weight capacity
  • 32lb kayak weight

Sea eagle370 is one of the most trendy and suitable kayaks for carrying a pup. Sea eagle is involved in manufacturing kayaks for years, now has upgraded the inflatable kayaks. Ideal for both experienced and novice kayakers.

Its lightweight and durable design are perfect for kayaking in any type of water; freshwater, saltwater. No need to spend a longer period setting up a kayak, as it takes 10 mins of a short time in getting ready to go into the water.

Most of the kayaks get damaged and scratched by dog paws, however, the sea eagle has come up with a competent and strong hull design preventing the kayak surface from any harm.

Provides easy and stable driving. Even a full speed on hard rocks, kayak comes back with no damage at all, which indicates the Sea Eagle’s high-quality manufacturing.

A proper paddling technique gives smooth and stable kayaking. As it is designed to carry two paddlers, but can also play the role of a solo kayak.

Its premium quality paddles are convenient in solo kayaking, however depends on the windy conditions. It offers enough space for carrying a pet dog and extra items. Overall the best purchase for the price.

Pros & Cons

  • Also perfect for solo kayaking
  • Dog-friendly kayak
  • Easy to transport
  • Durable and manageable
  • Not sufficient back support
  • Avoid solo paddling during harsh wind



2. Intex Explorer K2 Kayak:

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  • 400 Pounds weight capacity
  • Sit on top kayak
  • Double seated kayak
  • 3 air chambers


This would be unfair if you don’t mention ‘K2 Intex Explorer’ in the list of best dog-carrying kayaks. K2 is the prime choice of all types of kayakers from beginners to experts.

A rich-featured kayak is also available to carry your pet dog to the smooth rides which makes it best for the price.

It proves dangerous for the kayaker if gets stuck or gets lost in the water. The bright yellow of K2 is especially added which helps in detecting the kayak.

As it gives a smooth and speedy ride, it is not ideally designed for long trips and routes. K2 is an excellent choice for enjoying the waves in small lakes.

If you are fat or heavy-weight kayaker, then we would recommend you a ‘K2’ kayak. It comes with the highest weight capacity of 400 pounds which makes it a perfect kayak for fat people.

It has three air chambers, which provides a big advantage of floating over the water if any kayak section loses air. This sit-on-top kayak can be used for both sports and fun purposes.

Its lightweight and efficient design is well suited for transporting. It has an inflatable floor making the hull hard, durable, and strong from getting any scratches from riding over water rocks.

K2 is offering two paddlers for a ride, but you need to know that its two inflatable seats are easily adjustable and removable. It is attached to the floor via Velcro strips which can be adjusted according to the sitting positions.

A small yet sturdy kayak is convenient for taking a beloved pet dog on smooth water waves. It doesn’t take much in setting up, max. 15-20 mins. The skeg provides easy installation.

K2 is durable and powerful which eliminates the awkward situations of leaks, poor valves, and damaged holes. For removing water from the kayak, a plug is fitted on the rear side.

Provides good room in carrying more than one dog. It would be better to trim the nails of the dog and place a mat on the kayak’s floor for extra protection from any scratches by dog paws.

Pros & Cons

  • Suitable for more than one dog
  • Allows easy transportation
  • Enough weight capacity for heavy loading
  • Smooth paddles
  • Skeg can be removed
  • Not ideal for sea kayaking



3. Sevylor Coleman Colorado:

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  • weight capacity of 470lb.
  • Made of PVC material
  • Trolling motor
  • Double seating capacity

Another sufficient and dog-friendly is on the list shortly known as ‘Colorado’. It is also considered the best for carrying a pet dog as it is double-seated. Its PVC material keeps the kayak from scratches of dog paws making them durable and strong.

Colorado comes with more than one air chamber which keeps the kayak afloat if any of the chambers loses air. Apart from kayaking Colorado has also added a big opportunity for casting and fishing.

Two fishing rod points are fitted for both front and rear kayakers to do trouble-free fishing without any hassle of handling both kayak and fishing rod. This feature has made this kayak a top choice for anglers.

Unlike other kayaks, Colorado also allows free time to kayakers to enjoy the smooth waves with their pup by adding the facility of trolling motor. At any stage during kayaking, store the paddles in holders, switch on the trolling motor, and cheers for the rest of the ride.

Despite enough space for storage, small pockets are stitched to the sides providing a great facility for placing snacks and small accessories in it.

Its calm and adjustable seats allow easy kayaking for a long time. Also, the Boston valves provide a smooth facility of inflation and deflation.

Colorado has a max. weight capacity of 470lb. which is well made for taking more than one pet dog on a kayaking trip. Its inflating quality makes the kayak easy to transport anywhere.

Pros & Cons

  • Enough space for dog
  • Have trolling motor other than paddles
  • Lightweight and stable
  • Fishing friendly kayak
  • The bottom of the kayak may deform after a couple of rides



4. Elkton Outdoors Cormorant:

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  • weight capacity of 450lb.
  • Double seated


  • material

Elkton can also be a sensible choice when choosing dog-friendly kayaks. Like others in the list it has two seating capacities; one for you and the other for your pet dog.

Inflatable kayaks are always easy to transport than other rigid kayaks. If you live far from the kayaking spots, deflate the kayak, load it into your vehicle and reach your best-loved kayaking spot without any hassle of checking the loading from time to time.

Elkton kayaks take a few minutes to inflate and get ready to enjoy the ride with your dog. Make you have carried the pump, in case of air leakage in any of the air chambers, before going into the water.

It also comes with three separate air chambers. You can repair and stay afloat on the water if any of the chambers loses air. It has good for the storage of extra items on both rear and front parts of the kayak and also supplies a storage bag.

Not only kayaking, but it is also well suited for fishing and casting as it provides fishing rod holders for both paddlers. Elkton has a PVC bottom making it rigid and strong.

Elkton kayak has a max. weight capacity of 450lb. which also makes it perfect for heavy-weight and tall kayakers. The seats look exactly like sitting on the floor, if you are a short height kayaker then place a small cushion to lift.

Its strong and tough design makes the kayak durable, damage resistant and a stable kayak to be used by any level kayaker from novice to expert.

Pros & Cons

  • Durable and lightweight design
  • Good storage room and extra mesh pockets
  • Rigid floor
  • Take less than 10 mins to inflate
  • Rod holders come in the way of paddling and can damage the fingers.
  • Cheap quality floor valve



5. Intex Challenger Inflatable Kayak:

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  • weight capacity of 400 pounds
  • Tandem kayak
  • Hull side; 337 cm long and 44 cm wide.

Intex challenger K2 is an inflatable sit-on-top kayak having a comfortable seating capacity of two paddlers. Seats can be adjusted and removed in case of taking more than one dog on a cheerful kayaking trip.

Unlike other kayaks on the list, Intex K2 has 2 two separate air chambers. Intex provides a powerful air pump in case of any leakage from any of the two chambers.

However, no need to worry about leakage issues because K2 material has proven to be rigid and strong enough to ride over branches and shallow rocks.

It provides smooth kayaking having no leakage and zero damage to the kayak while driving on beaches. It also has a skeg for maintaining straight direction, which can also be removed if necessary.

The inflation and deflation process finishes as quickly as can be. A wide and long hull side makes the K2 perfect for long-height kayakers. It provides comfortable room for legs and a bag that can hold extra accessories of more than 300lb weight.

K2 has an inflatable and rigid floor which do not easily damage by dog paws when jumping in and out. Like most of the cheap quality oars, kayakers spend extra money on them. There is no such case in K2, oars are super good and work very well.

Best for the long kayaking trips with your pet dog. K2 is an incredibly a lightweight kayak and you may have a flipping over the issue in the middle of the lake.

Once you get into the water the kayak is stable enough to keep you going at high speed as well. It doesn’t lose its direction and allows easy turning without any effort. Overall a speedy, rigid, and the best kayak for the bill.

Pros & Cons

  • Dog-friendly kayak
  • Best for long height kayakers
  • Skeg provides an easy straight drive
  • Inflatable seats
  • High- quality air pump inflates the kayak quickly
  • Doesn’t have fishing rod holders
  • Don’t lean to the edges to avoid flipping over



6. Intex Excursion Pro Inflatable Kayak:

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  • PVC material of hull side
  • weight capacity of 400 lb.
  • Footrests
  • 3ply- construction

Intex excursion pro kayak has gained Amazon’s best seller tag which warranties its outstanding functioning and best manufacturing. It is the prime choice of kayakers because of providing a quality and fun time on kayaking.

The manufacturer has put Polyvinylchloride (PVC) into it’s construction making it durable and resistant to any damage by UV rays or saltwater.

The two seats can be adjusted to load a doggy to the joyful kayaking trip. The high-quality kayak material adds the extra floating ability to the kayak. It has good storage capacity and can hold the weight of 400 lb. which is more than enough for a long water picnic.

No need to purchase an electric pump to inflate the kayak, Intex excursion kayak provides a good quality hand pump that takes only 5 mins to inflate the kayak. Being an inflatable kayak, it is lighter in weight which is super convenient in transporting and carrying a kayak.

Additionally, it is also to do fishing in a kayak. A lot of storage offers to take fishing items like fishing rods, fishing reels etc. For comfortable kayaking two footrests are fixed.

It consists of three air chambers, when filled with high air pressure the kayak becomes extra rigid and sturdy. Entirely, a fully featured kayak is available under a fair price.

Pros & Cons

  • Stable and portable
  • Plenty of room for legs and storage items
  • Fast inflation/ deflation
  • Have no paddle holders



7. HotMax Inflatable Voyager Kayak:

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  • 400 pounds max. weight capacity
  • Made of PVC material
  • Hand pump
  • Water-resistant storage bag

Manufactured by HotMax, a double-seated kayak has a length of 10” making it perfect for carrying a furry along on a long trip. This sit-on-top is made of Polyvinylchloride material, which is the most preferred and admired kayak material in the market.

It enhances durability and makes it a top-notch inflatable kayak.

The kayak has 10 inflation holes, with the provided hand pump for inflation deflation purposes. However, the pumping is so thin that it may take some more tie to inflate. Make sure you have correctly closed the first hole before inflating the kayak through another hole.

It also provides one paddle, whose length can be adjusted according to the kayaker’s height. Unlike other kayaks, it has a storage bag that is completely resistant to water.

No worries if the kayak gets flipped into the water. An extra thick rope is also in the package for the extra protection of luggage.

It is not made for sea kayaking, specially designed to enjoy the water picnic over lakes and mild rivers. The kayak is available at a cheap price but not cheap quality. No need to worry about damage or leaks, its incredible manufacturing quality has eliminated these issues.

Pros & Cons

  • Affordable price
  • Water-resistant storage bag
  • Good capacity for carrying a pup
  • Thin inflation points



8. Hydro-Force Unisex BW65097-21 Bestway Kayak:

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  • weight capacity of 331lbs.
  • For solo kayaking
  • Length 27m and width 1m
  • Equipped with one paddle, hand pump, and 2 fins.

An incredible kayak for the newcomers. The stable, unique, and ultra-rich design has made this kayak popular among kayakers. You will have no choice but to purchase this peace after diving deep into its luxury characteristics.

Bestway kayak is holding an elegant and classy design. This sit-on-top kayak can only accommodate a single driver, although it has enough capacity to load your favorite furry to accompany you along the cheerful kayaking tour.

To keep you sitting comfortably over the kayak it has four footrests for variable heights of kayakers. The paddle length can also be adjusted according to the height.

Bestway comes in two in one quality. Kayaking and fishing you can do both by sitting conveniently over the vinyl material backrest seat and placing paddles into the holders.

Additionally a hand pump for quick inflation/ deflation. You will get enough space for loading your pet dog either on the rear on the front side. The two fins can be removed easily for storage purposes.

It is best for long kayaking on larger water bodies. It offers extra stability and smooth handling both accompany to stay afloat on big water waves.

Pros & Cons

  • Extra stable
  • Best for all heights; from 4ft to 6ft
  • Worth more than the price
  • Have no storage bag



9. Aqua Marina Memba Inflatable Kayak:

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  • weight capacity of 341 pounds
  • Kayak length 390 cm and width 90 cm
  • Polyester hull cover
  • Tandem kayak
  • 2 fin systems

Inflatable Memba kayaks are made to ensure the quality and best functioning of a kayak along the whole drive. Memba kayaks are easily transportable due to multiple rubber bands. It has 2 fins that can be removed to get folded when carrying.

Memba kayak has a seating capacity for two paddlers. Seats can hold the kayaker smoothly throughout the drive to ensure relaxed kayaking. Member’s 7cm thick floor along with tough and sturdy UV resistant polyester hull cover shows the high-quality manufacturing of a kayak.

It can hold the max. weight to 341 pounds. With that said keep in mind your weight plus the extra items you are going to take for a long trip and your dog’s weight, it must remain within the weight capacity limit to eliminate the risk of capsizing in the middle of the river.

All in all, the most likely feature admired by kayakers is its drop stitch version of the floor. Member’s floor is strong and more sturdy than most of the kayaks in the market. It also has a 16 inches hand pump, a big wide bag for storage, and rich quality paddles that allow the smooth functioning of a kayak.

Pros & Cons

  • Durable
  • UV resistant floor
  • Removable fins
  • Provides good tracking and stability
  • The best kayak for the price
  • Have no footrests



Things to know before buying an inflatable kayak (Buying Guide)

Before purchase, prepare a necessary features list of inflatable kayaks. A kayak may suits you but prove incompatible for carrying a pet dog. Keep in mind the below highlighted features and then start your survey:

Kayak Material:

Your first and foremost step should choose a high-quality. Your whole kayaking trip with a puppy depends on the durability and strength of your kayak.

Don’t get discouraged by thinking of your budget in front of a good functional kayak. Today most of the top-notch brands offer the finest and most functional kayaks at reasonable prices.

Most inflatable kayaks are made with polyvinylchloride (PVC) material, which proves durable, rigid, and strong enough to eliminate the risk of any damage due to dog paws, branches, and shallow rocks. PVC is a go-to kayak material that allows kayakers to enjoy long rides for years.

Seating Capacity:

When it comes to kayaking with a pet, choosing a kayak with a good loading capacity can prove a daunting task to do. Remember two factors before deciding the seating capacity of a kayak;

Dog size: You might land in an awkward situation if you are kayaking on a single seated kayak with a big size pup. If you are having small size dogs like Beagle, Toy Poodle, French bulldog, etc then riding on a solo kayak can prove a sensible decision. But if you are the owner of a ‘Dalmatian’, choose to drive tandem kayaks.

Dog Personality: Most of the smaller dogs are holding cheerful and fun personalities. They jump and don’t settle at one place during high speed.

Which can prove risky to stable the kayak, so it is better to choose a kayak which can provide them enough room to play. However, some dogs have calm personalities and get settled down even at a small capacity.

Storage Rooms:

A kayak provides a comfortable long journey when it has a good space for gears and extra accessories. Almost every kayak from the above list provide a storage bag and have wide storage rooms in both the front and rear side.

They additionally have mesh pockets to keep the snacks near to your approach.

Remember, you are traveling with your pet dog who also needs to have some food while a long water trip. With that said, it is beneficial to choose a kayak that can offer you to store food and accessories for you and your dog.

How to train your dog for kayaking?

Bringing your pet dog for the first time on large water bodies might prove a risky decision. Like a novice, a kayaker needs a little bit of training your puppy also needs so. It’s not that difficult but it demands a bit of hard work for quality training.

This would be great if your dog understands your basic commands, if not then train your dog to get aware of your sit and stop orders.

If you have purchased a dog-friendly kayak then make sure your dog gets used to the kayak. This all could be done on dry land. For instance, order your pet dog to sit on the kayak seat silently.

Let your dog know how to get on and off to the kayak and what are no-go areas of the kayak are.

How to train your dog for kayaking

Thirdly, introduce your dog to the water, it can be done by bringing the pet dog to swimming pools. Place your dog in a water for few minutes, make sure he is wearing a safety jacket.

In this way, your dog will get used to the water environment. This would also reduce the risk of drowning if your dog falls from the kayak.

All of this can take some time, but in the end, your effort will not be wasted and you will get a well-trained partner to comfortable kayaking.

Safety measures to keep in mind when taking a dog boating:

The dog is a type of pet that loves to stay close to its owner, so does the kayaking. You can bring your favorite pup after considering a few careful steps. It will be productive if you keep the following highlighted points in your mind:

Refresh Commands:

Before pushing your kayak into the water take a small test of your dog, whether he is responding to your commands correctly or not.

That would be a great risk if your dog gets disconnected from your by not responding to your orders. So it is better to refresh the training you have done for your dog.

Use PFDs:

It is often considered that dogs are water-friendly creatures. But the case is not always the same. It is advisable to wear Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs) or a safety jacket for your puppy.

It is mandatory if you want to end up kayaking with a best friend in a cheerful mood. A safety jacket will keep your doggy afloat if he gets to fall into the water.

Good Storage Areas:

For long kayaking tours, you must try to load enough accessories that are enough for the whole trip. When looking out for a kayak thoroughly check out its storage capacity.

You will be bringing food and items both for yourself and your dog, a kayak having large storage rooms will prove favorable.


In the whole run, we have provided you with the list of the best inflatable kayaks when it comes to bringing a pet dog. Inflatable kayaks are mostly preferred due to their longer life, lightweight, and good stability.

Novice kayakers also get easily familiar in a short period due to the smooth handling of inflatable kayaks. A buying guide will help you to pick up the best piece from a wide variety of kayaks.

Besides choosing a perfect kayak, it is also essential to consider some safety measures before bringing a doggy on kayaking. After keeping all the points in your head a convenient and smooth journey will be in front of you.

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