What Is A Tandem Kayak | Best Tandem Kayak For Fishing

When it comes to purchasing a kayak, you come ahead of a few decisions to choose one out of two choices.

One of them is either you are going on a solo trip or with friends or family. For a family trip, tandem kayaks are the top choice people look for.

If you are just new to kayaking, you may be wondering what is a tandem kayak, and what are the pros of using it?

In this article, all these queries will be answered. Moreover, we have chosen the best tandem kayaks and briefly discussed how they assist the two paddlers.

Read to the end, get familiar with the tandem kayaking, and pick out the suitable kayak for your upcoming trip.

What is a Tandem Kayak?

A Tandem is a type of kayak that is driven by two paddlers. The hull design is comparatively longer and wider than solo kayaks.

Tandem kayaks are the most suitable option if you are having a partner who is not used to the paddling techniques and is unaware to tackle the rough waves.

When taking friends and family on the trip, a tandem kayak is the first choice that comes to mind. You can safely paddle with a kid as your partner, it will also provide him/her an opportunity to learn the basics of paddling.

Best Tandem Kayaks For Fishing in 2023:

No# 1 Intex Excursion Pro Inflatable Kayak:

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  • PVC material
  • Kayak weight 39lb.
  • weight capacity of 400 pounds.

The 12inches long Intex Excursion Pro is an inflatable kayak rugged with PVC and laminated with Polyester. The 3-ply construction is extremely resistant to impacts. The I-beam floor has added extra rigidness to the kayak.

To quickly get into the water, the tandem kayak comes with a high-duty hand pump that inflates the 3 chambers of a kayak as fast as can be. After using the hand pump you will find no need to spend extra pennies on a battery inflator.

Moreover, the Intex Pro tandem kayak has an ideal weight capacity, which is 400 pounds. The kayak is providing you a big opportunity to take gear and extra luggage on the long camping trip. Being a tandem kayak, it also has ample space to store accessories e.g fishing rods, GPS, water cooler, etc.

The kayak also comes along with a carry bag, two aluminum oars, and two skegs for directional stability. The two inflated seats are removable and adjustable to provide a comfy ride to the paddlers. To assist multi-age kayakers, multi-foot rest positions are fitted.

Another top feature that might insist you buy the Intex Excursion Pro is that it also provides a wide opportunity for fishing along with kayaking. Not every kayak is made for fishing. There are two fishing rod holders and a mounted bracket to store fishing items.

All in all, a durable, portable, and extremely stable tandem kayak for just $300, is surprising, isn’t it? Shake your legs and grab your kayak now!

Pros & Cons

  • quick inflation/ deflation
  • Not pricey
  • Multi skegs for direction stability
  • Grab handles and lines on the bow and stern to make transportation easier.
  • The inflation valves are not worthy to keep the kayak inflated for hours
  • After several trips, the kayak got leaks in some cases.



No# 2 Elkton Outdoor Cormorant Inflatable kayak:

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  • 18- gauge PVC Construction
  • Kayak weight 27lb.
  • weight capacity of 450lb.

Sharing your journey with a partner on Elkton Outdoor Cormorant kayak is super fun. Since the kayak contains all the necessary features that result in cheerful kayaking. Let’s have a look at what it contains.

Starting from the construction material, no doubt! The PVC (Polyvinylchloride) inflatable kayaks remain in high demand due to their high-duty manufacturing and resistance to impacts. It is relatively cheaper than other kayak materials. PVC also has a big role in making the inflatable kayak lightweight and portable.

The kayak is equipped with all the fishing accessories. The 2 restful EVA padded seats and 2 fishing rod holders are best to enjoy the comfy casting and the tough floor is convenient for stand-up fishing. Additionally, you can go fishing by parking paddles into paddle holders.

Elkton kayak completely assists the paddlers to take extra gears. That is the best thing I love about a tandem kayak is that it provides a wide area for accessories and still the space is left to sit comfortably.

Elkton kayak can hold weight to 450lb, though keep your weight 25-30% less than the kayak’s weight capacity, so that the kayak stays afloat and function properly.

Pros & Cons

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to transport
  • Removable skeg
  • Carry backpack
  • Kayak inflates in minutes due to quality air pump
  • 3 air chambers to provide maximum buoyancy
  • PVC kayaks need a bit more care to make them utilize for years e.g. Clean the boat thoroughly after saltwater kayaking with special cleaning tools and never park the kayak in direct sunlight.


No# 3 eMotion Spitfire Tandem Kayak:

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  • Polyethylene construction
  • Kayak dimensions L, W, H 144, 35, 15 inches.
  • weight capacity 500lbs or 226kg.

Now you can have a third person on a tandem kayak since Emotion Spitfire can hold a weight of 500lb. The third partner can be your pup or kid. Emotion Spitfire holds the maximum weight of other kayaks on the list.

Moreover, you are open to bringing extra accessories and gear for fishing and camping trips in a cargo net.

If I talk about the construction, the sit-on-top kayak is rugged with polyethylene which is most widely used in kayaks to make them extremely resistant to damage by UV rays. Polyethylene kayaks are made to oppose impacts, and if still damaged then the material is repaired quickly. It is also relatively cheaper than other ones.

Additionally, despite being a longer tandem kayak it is extremely portable. The carry handles and grab lines on both sides and front and rear parts have made the kayak easy to transport and get into the water quickly.

The kayak also contains multi-footrest positions to assist in efficient paddling and comfortable sitting for paddlers of every height. To enjoy even more comfort, be grateful for the two padded seats with removable backrests.

Pros & Cons

  • Can be utilized for years due to impact-resistant material
  • Ample space for storage
  • Multi footrest positions
  • Provides easy transportation
  • You will need to spend extra money on paddles and a storage bag
  • Polyethylene kayaks need special storage space since they have a risk of distortion.



No# 4 Vibe Kayaks Yellowfin 130T:

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  • Polyethylene material
  • Kayak weight 80lbs.
  • weight capacity of 500lb or 226kg.

Increase your bonding with a partner on a Yellowfin 130T tandem kayak. Like Emotion Spitfire, Yellowfin is also constructed with high-density polyethylene. It guarantees the toughness and durability of a kayak. The sturdy kayak can paddle smoothly over shallow rocks.

I must admire the weight capacity of a kayak, which is 500lb. It makes the kayak perfect to take into the water for a long trip with family and friends. You are also provided an opportunity to add a third person to your kayak.

No worries for luxury luggage, the 13′ kayak has a perfect space to store the gear and other items in front and rear cargo nets.

Have more accessories? Place the rectangular items on two mounts, park the paddles in paddle holders and enjoy the taste of swimming, and fix the fishing rods into provided holders. I hope you are done now!

Moreover, the seats are designed in a way to make paddling comfortable. The kayak also comes with two oars. The four carrying handles had made the transportation quite easier.

The Vibe Yellowfin kayak also has an admirable drainage system. When paddling on rough waters the kayak is more likely to be filled with water, the 12 scupper holes of the Yellowfin kayak help to drain out the water to avoid capsizing.

Pros & Cons

  • Highest weight capacity
  • Impact-resistant construction
  • Can be used for fishing
  • Maximum space to load luggage
  • 12 scupper drain holes
  • A bit heavier than other kayaks on the list



Pros of using a Tandem Kayak:

There are many reasons why you should choose a tandem kayak. We have listed below some of the leading advantages of tandem kayaks.

Maximum Space for Accessories:

Since tandem kayaks are wider are longer, they offer maximum space to store gears and accessories. For a long water trip with families, people prefer tandem kayaks over single-seated kayaks.

They are also deemed best for camping, as provide ample area to load accessories to the camping spot.

Increases Bonding with Partner:

A Tandem kayak is the best opportunity to get close to your partner. When you paddle with another person, you come to discover more about their character.

Many people enjoy the company of other paddlers, and kayaking itself is a nature discovering sport that is less likely to be tasted alone, in that way tandem kayak will suit you best.

Takes Less Storage Space:

Tell me tandem kayak capture more space or two solo kayaks? It can be said without doubt that a tandem kayak is relatively more portable, and easy to transport than two solo kayaks.

You might have a low storage space in your garage and are less likely to transport two solo kayaks, for that don’t go for two solo kayaks, tandem kayak may prove a larger one but still an ideal option to store in a less area.

Perfect Option for Beginners:

It might prove a devasting trip, if you are new to kayaking and paddling a solo kayak having no kayaking experience at all. Paddling techniques are a bit tricky for newcomers, they are advised to first go with a tandem kayak having a paddling expert as their partner.

Water waves do not always remain smooth, the river can change abruptly. In such a case when you are unable to stabilize the kayak and maneuver perfectly, your expert partner will be there to guide you and will handle the rest of the trip.

How to Paddle a Tandem Kayak?

After reading the pros of using tandem kayaks, you have now been convinced to give them a try. If so, let me tell you honestly there is no hard and fast rule to stroke efficiently in a tandem kayak.

Since you are not alone on a kayak, there are just a few key points for both paddlers to keep in mind, so that to maintain the companionship and reach a cheerful trip.

Start paddle at the same moment:

Thanks to the fellowship given by a tandem kayak. Since you are paddling with another person, both of you have to perform simultaneously. The tandem kayak mobility increases and quickly catches the speed when both paddles are moving at the same time.

Unison paddling demands to have a good understanding between both paddlers. It requires you to choose a partner that best fits for you to have a paddling with.

Try this method to turn the kayak:

A bit of tricky movement arises when you need to turn the tandem kayak. Since they are wider and longer than solo ones, it becomes a bit harder to take a sharp turn.

However, it becomes possible and easy when you get to know about the technique of turning a tandem kayak. The key is, that the paddler on the front will need to have a forward sweep on one side and the back paddler will move the reverse sweep on the other side.

This will make the tandem turn smoothly and quickly.

Mostly, the tandem kayaks also come with a

rudder, to keep the kayak in a straight direction or to change the tracking. However, the most widely accepted and easy method used for turning a tandem kayak is which is explained above.

The back seat is for experienced paddlers:

Fix the back seat of a tandem kayak for an experienced and healthy kayaker. The paddler in the back seat has to alter the kayak’s mobility and keep paddling since the front paddler is not experienced and physically strong.

That usually requires to do when you have a kid or an old person in the front seat, and surprisingly the front partner could also be your pet dog. By doing so, the front paddler could also take some rest and eat the snacks brought for a long water trip.

Final Words:

Tandem kayaking is a big opportunity to have teamwork on a water craving journey with friends and family. Your kids and a pet dog can also become a part of it since the tandem kayak has a wide space.

We have also provided you with a short yet top-notch tandem kayaks list that is surely gonna make your family trip a joyful one.

The next summer, don’t miss out to share a kayaking trip with others. We would love to hear your experience in the comment box!

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