Malibu X Factor Kayak (2023 Review)

X Factor is a sport! As if scuba diving wasn’t hard enough, these fearless women are taking on the challenge of X-ing it up and we can’t wait to watch them conquer the waves.

Are you ready for some bubbly? The Malibu X Factor Kayak is here to make your day! This bubbly beverage may be sweet and refreshing, but don’t let its jovial demeanor fool you into underestimating its potency.

As a seasoned scuba diver myself, I am intimately aware of how challenging it can be to master this new skill.

So what makes this possible? Why do they manage to remain buoyant while maintaining their composure in the water? How do they manage to stay so relaxed when they’re submerged below the surface?!

It’s all thanks to our Malibu X Factor kayak take a look at how this thirst quenching beverage could become an essential part of your life!

Malibu X Factor Kayak (2023 Review)

Design: 4.5/5 Stars

If it weren’t for the convenient center thruster, I would have omitted this design aspect from my assessment. The XFactor is a toy of a kayak!

Its reach is perfect for easier paddling and transport when out of your garage; yet its sleek profile allows for effortless cruising in calm waters.


The Malibu’s simplicity has made the deck elevated, preventing any potential flooding or spillage. As well as offering a range of cockpit seats which can be removed easily if necessary!

Comfort: 4.5/5 Stars

At just 12lbs, this double decker kayak is lightweight but durable; one of its most noteworthy attributes. While the 17-inch deck offers ample space for all aboard, even those of diminutive stature will be able to maneuver confidently and securely in this vessel without any difficulties whatsoever!

Paddling with confidence while seated and leaning back or occasionally resting during individualized journeys can evoke a sense of relaxation that may not always be readily apparent when paddling solo.

Moreover, this versatile design makes it possible for novice kayakers to gain proficiency with ease; ideal both at sea as well as inland with relative ease!

This model boasts an impressive ability to accommodate up to two guests as well as gear; making it an ideal choice for a family excursion on the water.

If you’re hoping for an affordable option that provides ample space for two people yet doesn’t require added weight from their luggage; the Malibu X Factor is unparalleled!

Portability: 4.5/5 Stars

The X Factor is a highly portable model that weighs in at only 32 pounds, making it a breeze to transport despite its large size. It measures just under 5′ long when stowed away and can be packed into even the smallest vehicles with ease.

Despite its portability advantage, there are still some sacrifices one must contend with when compared to its larger brethren for longer outings or expeditions.

For instance, expect this model to offer far less deck space than the standard model does don’t expect any fishing trips without bringing along additional rods! But if you manage your packing accordingly then assembling this kayak shouldn’t pose too much of an issue either.

Ease of Use: 4.5/5 Stars

With Malibu X Factor, users can expect an exquisite design and straightforward maneuverability that makes it effortless to paddle.

It boasts a sleek deck layout with its well distributed weight distribution as well as a manageable cockpit area that comprises ample legroom for transport and storage purposes. Furthermore, this kayak boasts a narrow profile ideal for speedy escapes when needed!

Ease of Use: 4.5/5 Stars

With its lightweight construction, the Malibu X Factor is easy to maneuver through the water and place in the garage or on top of an SUV.

On top of that, the craft is completely collapsible for transporting it in any vehicle without incurring an additional charge.

In terms of comfort levels, I was pleasantly surprised. While no sub $1000 model can compete with more advanced models like Amazon’s Elite+.

This mid range kayak provides adequate support without compromising stability while paddling – making it a viable option for first time paddlers.

The storage compartment on the side of my Malibu X Factor was spacious enough to house a 10′ surfboard and some snacks;

However, if you were planning on taking additional gear along for your excursions you may want to invest in one of their larger models!

Is it easy? If you’re familiar with one piece models then you should find this paddle easily manageable.

Its compact size makes it fit nicely into most cars’ trunk space; moreover, this two person craft is lightweight enough to be managed even by one person!

Overall score: 16/20 stars

After some adjustments, I was able to find a suitable seating position for me. However, I found that my overall experience with the kayak was far from ideal.

After all of my paddling excursions and explorations through various lakes and streams throughout the region; this particular model did not offer any noteworthy additions when compared against other top rated models currently available on the market let alone its predecessors!

The X Factor kayak by Malibu is deceptively spacious, boasting an open canopy design which gives it optimum accessibility whether you’re traveling solo or hitching along with friends and family members for an outing.

At six feet, I found myself quite comfy yet still had ample space for legs to stretch out without any discomfort.

With an easy stride length, I could effortlessly adjust my position as needed during our journey. The padded footrests provide plenty of assistance in maintaining a consistent cadence while paddling; allowing users to focus on their endeavor rather than aches or pains from overuse!

Best use: Kayaking around small

For those who favor exploration or simply seeking a tranquil getaway, kayaking may provide the ideal solution. In addition to offering an unparalleled sense of freedom and independence, it’s also a fun way to spend time outdoors!

Despite its relative accessibility, don’t let your lackadaisical attitude deter you from giving kayaking a try – its compact size makes it ideal for strapping into a single vessel for outdoor excursions.

For instance, if you’re planning on taking a trip with friends this summer months from Malibu; you might want to consider taking advantage of this convenient option!

Shallow water features

If you’re not immersed in the sea, then it’s likely that your kayak could encounter shallow waters as you navigate between reefs and rocky outcrops.

In this scenario, choosing a boat that can handle shallower waters without sacrificing speed or maneuverability becomes paramount; however, if your craft lacks these attributes then paddling can be quite challenging!

When paddling along the seashore, I found myself in a predicament: I had to contend with the rocky terrain while also keeping an eye out for submerged obstacles.

Fortunately, my Malibu X Factor has several additional features which compensate for its lack of speed and allow me to explore at my leisure.

This is a great all around entry level kayak for the money

Jim, a seasoned enthusiast and amateur photographer, has been paddling with Malibu for over 10 years. He raves about the craftsmanship of both its construction and design, noting how it provides ample space inside while also offering optimum stability out on the water.

The X Factor’s large cockpit is spacious enough to fit two adult occupants without issue. I found no difficulty whatsoever keeping my legs within reach while seated! The plush padding provides ample comfort; even after extended use the tightness of my thighs didn’t impede movement one bit!

My only gripe would be that despite having three different height adjustments available, I had to take care in bracing myself before embarking.

Despite this minor drawback though, I couldn’t find any issues with this kayak at all just an adjustment period as well as some time spent nailing down where I wanted it set. After getting used to this process however what a breeze!

Flaws but not dealbreakers: No foot braces; no cup holders; no side or back rests; no rod holders; no storage compartments or pockets; seat is too small and not adjustable

After some thought, the ergonomics of the Malibu X Factor made our customization experience quite simple.

This model comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 4’6″ to 6’8″, which enables paddlers of all shapes and sizes to select from as well as customize according to their preferences when it comes to length, width and height.

The compact design also lends itself well to casual outings or day trips; however, it does lack some features typically found on more sophisticated models such as cup holders or storage compartments.


I have no doubt that if you are contemplating purchasing an X Factor Kayak, this review has provided ample data to make an informed decision.

Be assured that the craftsmanship and attention to detail are of the utmost importance; as is providing users with unparalleled levels of comfort and ease when paddling.

A model that is sure to impress anyone is the Malibu X Factor! With its simplistic yet sophisticated design, this kayak is ideal for those who desire an unconventional look paired with superior functionality. For a more youthful vibe, choose the Malibu Xtreme!

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