Fissot Fishing Kayak (2023 Review)

The Fissot Fishing Kayak is a sturdy piece of craftsmanship that provides functionality and versatility, making it ideal for all types of angling expeditions.

The Fissot Fishing Kayak boasts a spacious cockpit that accommodates two paddlers with ease, while its durable construction ensures maximum durability.

Offering superior stability while remaining lightweight enough to be maneuvered by just one person!

Utilizing the latest technology available today, Fissots’ fishing kayaks are fitted with state of the art electronics: an electro-magnetic compass for safety and an electric motor for easy maneuverability. With this feature it will provide you with ultimate confidence when out on the water!

Fissot Fishing Kayak: What You Need to Know

After having a look at all the salient features of this remarkable vessel, let’s discuss some of its defining characteristics.

Capacious: With an overall length of 8.5”, the Fissot is easily accessible and maneuverable, making it suitable for anglers seeking a boat that gives them maximum freedom when out on the water.

Versatile: This kayak has ample room to accommodate multiple fishing equipment as well as essential gear like bait and tackle boxes. Additionally, due to its generous capacity there is plenty of space for passengers as well!

Pros: Lightweight

For those who delight in pulling A hook or two out of the water, the Fissot is a great choice. With its highly portable design and light weight materials, this kayak is ideal for fishing out at sea.

Boasting impressive maneuverability allowing you to effortlessly track along the contours of your chosen locale; it also boasts an abundance of storage compartments with ample provisions for bait when on the prowl!

Pros: Lightweight

The compact size makes transport simple, while still providing ample space for fishing gear as well as other necessities like tackle boxes.

With its narrow hull profile, this kayak can easily slip through restricted openings such as marinas and dockside access points making it an ideal choice for outings on those enchanting waterside excursions over the globe.

Cons: Aluminum construction may not be for everyone

Although the Fissot Fishing Kayak is an affordable option for anglers of all skill levels, its aluminum construction may be unsuitable for some.

Pros: Versatile design allows you to choose a kayak that best suits your needs; two-person craft fits snugly within any vehicle making it ideal for trips along with pals! With a compact design providing ample storage space inside, you can even take along some snacks and films without compromising space in this compact vessel.

In regards to inflatable boats, they lack durability. This can present a significant drawback when fishing at rocky shores or on stormy days.

Most models are designed with a puncture resistant patch intended to assist any tears within the hull material self-repairing over time. However, if one incurs this type of injury while paddling then there may not be any sound reason why one could find themselves being able to continue their excursion!

Nimble design

The Fissot is a sleek, compact fishing kayak with an immediate appeal. Its lightweight aluminum blasted construction makes it ideal for exploring inland waterways while also allowing it to be easily transported between adventures.

With its modest weight, you won’t need much effort at all when it comes time to stow your boat away. At only 3.4 lbs, it’s one of the lightest models on the market today!

The Fissot boats are quite diminutive in fact, at just over 19″ long this model is the shortest yet! Nonetheless, weighing in just shy of 20 pounds renders taking it anywhere a breeze.

Great for fishing and snorkeling

If you want to enjoy fishing from the water’s edge, then a kayak is an ideal option. What’s better than casting from your own vessel? From spacious interiors and limitless possibilities for customization, it’s simple to tailor your ideal set-up for maximum comfort and convenience.

Kayaks are a popular choice among anglers due to their versatility. Whether you’re paddling leisurely through calm waters or pitching in amidst choppy seas, its sturdiness ensures that even strenuous activities within them will be without issue!

The Fissot Fishing Kayak 3.0 is ready for anything with its superb sea-worthy features. Thanks to its robust design, our tester found it suitable for both daylong excursions along secluded coastlines as well as conquering those challenging waters of New England making it perfect for both novice and experienced anglers alike!

Comfortable seating in the Fissot Fishing Kayak

Despite what one may assume, a fishing kayak can be quite comfortable to sit in. The high cockpit design of the Fissot Fishing Kayak offers ample legroom and headroom for any occupant whether you’re sitting upright or reclining!

The deck is spacious enough that I had plenty of room for my legs as well as ample space on either side of my torso.

Great for single and double use

If you’re looking for an all purpose fishing kayak, then the Fissot might be right up your alley. This model comes in two sizes, offering a range of uses for individuals of different stature from single person use to accommodating multiple people comfortably.

If you’re seeking an affordable option with plenty of space for gear and even children, consider the Fissot 15-foot sit/skate design. This can accommodate one or even two paddlers while remaining stable on water thanks to its durable double deck construction!

Easy to transport in the included carrying bag

Despite weighing just 4.5 kg, this kayak is incredibly portable when stowed within its protective carrying bag. This makes it an ideal choice for travelers or those who want to take their gear along with them on short trips.

Storage is readily available when stowing your Fissot Fishing Kayak in its high-quality case, which comes complete with multiple compartments for vitals and equipment like rod holders and tackle boxes.

May not stand up to rougher conditions

Despite its diminutive frame, the Fissot Fishing Kayak is all about versatility and portability. It weighs just over 15lbs a suitable weight for most excursions as well as those requiring travel from place to place.

However, it can be troublesome if you require more stability during your journeys. The single bladed paddle gives this craft a noncommittal feel when traversing choppy waters or even traveling across terrain with a steep incline.

Don’t let that dissuade you from investing in one of these fantastic quality kayaks; it’s ensured to provide reliable service on lakes or rivers alike!


The Fissot fishing kayak is a dynamic craft that provides an enticing experience to any angler. It is lightweight, easy to maneuver and affords greater comfort than its predecessor the fishing canoe.

As such, it’s an ideal option for anyone looking for an affordable yet effective means of fishing!

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