9 Best Saltwater Baitcasting Reels 2023

Saltwater fishes are in high demand these days because of their fuller flavor yet salty taste. Professional anglers prefer to hunt saltwater fishes to enjoy the taste of the ocean than any other.

To do fishing in high density water advanced fisherman suggests baitcasting reel due to its saltwater friendly features.

They are durable, lightweight, and have powerful drag systems to catch down fish. It accompanies the angler in many difficult cases while fishing. In this blog post, we listed the 9 Best Saltwater Baitcasting Reels 2023.


This guide has been compiled to make your search easier in choosing out the comprehensible and durable baitcasting reel to handle the high-duty saline water.

In this article, we have reviewed some of the best saltwater baitcasting reels in 2023, with a buying guide to direct you towards pros and cons before buying a saltwater baitcasting reel. Let’s give a critical look to them;


1. Shimano Curado K Saltwater Baitcasting Reel

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  • Reel Material: Graphite.
  • Gear Ratio: 8.5:1
  • Reel Weight: 0.5 pounds.

If you are a good angler then you definitely trust the most respectable and trusted brand ‘Shimano’. Shimano is the best baitcasting reel producer, and what makes them best is the quality they use to prefer for their buyers.

Curado K baitcasting reel can be used by both left and right handed anglers. An experienced angler knows how important is to have good drag power of the reel. Curado has a maximum drag power of 11bs will you to easily grasp the bass.

It utilizes an SVS infinity braking system which makes it easy as can be and provides in line spool control. A baitcasting reel with a higher gear ratio allows more lines per turn. It has the max gear ratio than any other baitcaster 8.5:1. Excessive gear ratio greatly reduces the worry of fewer lines during fish fighting.

To enhance its durability and plain of action in saltwater, Shimano utilizes ‘ X ship mechanics which likewise adds flatness and impressive line recovery, which is the foremost priority of the professional angler.

Curado provides six different models depending on your fishing style. Gear ratio and line retrieve vary with the model, but max. drag ability remains constant.

For smooth and peaceful casting Curado comes with 7 bearing systems; 6 ball bearings and 1 roller bearing making it adjustable and allows fluent casting. You may find it an expensive one, but after fishing, you would not regret your purchase.

Pros & Cons

  • Admirable bearing systems + SVS Braking system + Smooth line recovery +Highest gear ratio of 8.5:1.
  • A bit expensive.



2. Abu Garcia Revo STX low profile Reel

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  • Item Material: Carbon Fiber.
  • Reel Weight: 6.7 oz.
  • Gear Ratio:3:1
  • 11 Bearing systems.

Another best saltwater baitcasting in the market today belongs to the topmost Abu Garcia brand. You can trust it after hearing that their reels are also preferred by the professional fishing celebrity ‘Mike Laconelli’.

While using this reel you might need a little practice before using it because of its lighter weight of around 6.7 oz. It may amaze most of the anglers.

But the most amazing part of this product is its dual braking system; both centrifugal and magnetic. if you find difficulty activating the brakes, then use a hook or knife to slightly lift them.

For effortless performance, it has a roller rod and stainless steel ball bearings. Revo STX comes in five different models for fishing in different styles.

The gear ratio also varies with the model keeping the drag system remains the same e.g. Revo4 STX SHS has an extreme gear ratio of 8.0:1 with 20 lb drag, Revo4 STX HS-L has 7.3:1 with the same drag as 24lb, and similarly different for the other three models.

All the five models have 11 bearing systems, that provide super flat casting. One roller bear and ten stainless steel ball bearings.

It might prove the best saltwater baitcasting reel due to its carbon matrix to drag your hunt. No need to worry about removing erosion because of Revo’s X-2 Craft alloy frame.

Pros & Cons

  • Lighter weight + Available in 5 different models + 11 bearing systems for easy and long casting + Have both centrifugal and magnetic braking systems + Good performance + Well casting ability.
  • You may not get any instruction for the betterment of the reel, in that case, try google search + Best to purchase a new reel instead of a used baitcaster.



3. Okuma Classic CLX

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  • Weight:5 Pound.
  • Reel Material:
  • Hand Direction: Right Hand.

A right handed baitcasting reel contains a high quality mechanism to keep cheered up the fishing mood of anglers. Its stainless steel reel foot helps the anglers in easing the dragging of dozens of heavy weight fish.

You can easily catch a 20lb blues with the smooth and adjustable reel, and if you are a professional you can even hunt down a 70+ lb fish by this reel.

Both novice and professionals prefer to use Okuma’s classic product as it can provide dexterity to an angler in rough conditions. A very affordable as compared to other reels.

It has various spooling line sizes e.g. CLX-200La having 20lb test mono provides 5kg Drag, CLX-300La having 30lb test mono provides 6kg Drag and ClX-450La having 50lb test mono provides 6kg Drag. You can pick up any of these according to your fishing style.

If you don’t like to wait for the hunt and hold a heavy reel for a long time, in that case, you might like this lightweight baitcasting reel of just 0.5 pounds. It likewise will help you to stay active for a long time. Okuma reel has corrosion resistance spools, which allow the spool to whirl without any resistance for a long time.

Pros & Cons

  • Manageable reel + Variety in spooling line sizes + Good for long fishing.
  • Use hands to strip out the line.



4. Daiwa Coastal Baitcasting Reel

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  • Weight :51 p.
  • Handle Material:
  • Hand Direction: Right hand + Left hand.

Here is another best saltwater friendly baitcasting reel, double handed Coastal, slightly bigger model, a further casting than any other reel about minimum of 30-40 feet. It is considered one of the most admired products from Daiwa. It is the flattest and most manageable baitcasting reel ever used.

Now I would like to challenge you to try the ten best reels and test the Daiwa Coastal at the end. You will be surprised to know its high tech features.

It can serve more than your expectations at each part of testing. Except for normal conditions, it has a good mechanism to work under a windy atmosphere. Daiwa’s casting ability is quite impressive on redfish up to 25 pounds using effortless handle knobs.

For polished and trouble free functioning, it contains 8 bearing systems which include 7 balls and one roller bear. All the bearings combine via a magnetic system which likewise makes this product fabulous.

It’s impressive drag ability and bearing system ability had made this product the top choice for fishing.

You can also grab the opportunity to use it in the surf. Its t-wing system is stunning and aids less while birds nest. Daiwa baitcasters comes with  7.3:1 gear ratio , more functioning as compared to Abu Garcia’s ratio. You will feel no resistance even if you throw your hardest.

Not only a product with the best mechanism but also a pretty gorgeous look from the outside. Yeah, a single complaint you may find is that it is a bit noisy. But the best thing is you can fix the problem by analyzing the reel down to the primary gear, eliminating it, cleaning it, slightly lubricating the drag washers, and setting it back again.

Pros & Cons

  • Powerful drag max. up to 15.4 lb + Level wind reel + Easy grip + Top magnetic casting ability than other brands + Allows smooth and long casting + Best control system to eliminate backlash.
  • A rowdy baitcaster + lack of grease in gears.



5. Vertix LP Baitcasting Reel

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  • Reel Material: Graphite, Aluminum, Carbon.
  • Colors: Black, Dark grey.
  • Weight:5 ounces.
  • Gear Ratio: 6.6:1
  • 9 + 4 bearing systems.
  • Magnetic brakes.
  • Carbon fiber drag mechanism.

Another most used and ideal saltwater baitcasting reel is Vertix LP’s low profile. If you are going to use it for the first time, then buy it with peace of mind because it has a 12 months liability period plus a trustworthy trial of one month.

High tech Vertix LP comes with a maximum drag of 23lbs. Its powerful drag system and lightweight of 0.7 ounces help anglers to catch the sizeable hunts.

This reel is accessible in both right and left hands. Another special idol that makes it stands out from other reel is its handle knobs are designed so well to repel moisture, this would have reduced the risk of reel slipping.

Its high performance 9 steel ball bearings and 4 switch bearing deliver flat and polished casting. As baitcasting reels provide far-ranging gear ratios which decide how quickly the reel gets a line. Long lasting and heavy duty Vertix has a maximum gear ratio of 6.6:1.

Pros & Cons

  • Anti-moist handle knobs + Long liability period + Best Bearing system for smooth casting + Powerful dragging ability + Magnetic braking system.
  • Low grade cast control handle.



6. Cadence Fishing CB5 Baitcasting Reel

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  • Gear Ratio:6:1
  • Colors: Red and Black.
  • Reel Weight :05 kg.
  • Reel Material: Graphite + Aluminum.
  • Excellent 7 + 1 bearing systems.
  • Carbon fiber drag system.

Cadence, a top notch Baitcasting reel producer, wants to give the best for the fishing lovers. Cadence supplies high quality baitcasting features to keep fishing easy and thrilling activity.

You won’t believe that due to hard brass main gear it has up to 30% extra time on earth than any other reel at this cost. It comes with It allows effortless casting due to its aluminum class spool. For flat casting, it is already designed with a lubrication system.

It comes with pre aviation class aluminum spool and handles which reduce the chances of corrosion, increase the strength, and keep it lighter. CB5 has a 6.6:1 gear ratio and silver low profile outfit for rapid retrieve and helps to keep more pressure on your hunt during reeling.

This reel has 8 bearings; 7 dual coated stainless steel ball bearing and 1 anti-reverse bearing to block the rotor from driving backward. Cadence CB5 contains adjustable magnetic breaks to reduce backlash.

Extremely lighter ( 0.05 kg ) than other brands e.g. kastking, Abu Garcia, etc. The carbon fiber drag mechanism allows more drag of about 20lb.

Another commendable quality of CB5 is its Japanese SLW (super lower torque) allows easing casting and excludes chances of resistance.

You cannot only use this reel in freshwater but can also smoothly serve in oceans and deep seas but don’t forget to rinse completely with water. That’s why it is unbeatable!

Pros & Cons

  • User-friendly due to light weight + Anti- corrosive + For both saltwater and Freshwater + Affordable price.
  • A bit noisy + Small handle size.



7. Abu Garcia Pro Max Low Profile Baitcasting Reel

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  • Reel Material: Graphite + Aluminum.
  • Hand Direction: Both right and left hand models.
  • Brake System:
  • 7 + 1 Bearing systems.

Here is another top saltwater baitcasting reel from a trustworthy Abu Garcia. Its high performance graphite outlook increases the longevity of the reel. It has the power to surely grab heavy prey without any hassle.

It’s ultra modern drag allows trouble free performance as can be. It comes in two quality colors; black and gold. Pro max has 7+1 stainless steel and roller bearings allow straightforward functioning.

The spools come with dual anodized aluminum which likewise adds power and keeps it lighter. Its brass gear increases the life span. You may have the options of two models in one reel; PMAX3- L for the left hand and PMAX3- C for the right hand.

Its outstanding Magtrax brake operation provides control during casting. Anglers prefer this reel due to smooth unloading without extra movement of level wind which makes it a great baitcaster.

Well packaged, easy manageable to control casting due to small size yet well built. Can be smoothly utilized for Brass and Salmon, enough capacity either for braid or nylon lines.

Pros & Cons

  • High-tech bearing systems + Good casting control due to Magtrax braking operation + Enough line capacity + Durable + Provide smooth drag.
  • Levelwind is not bound to one position.



8. Pflueger President Baitcasting Reel

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B01IDEOL04&Format= SL500 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=kashidqwe 20&language=en USir?t=kashidqwe 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B01IDEOL04

  • Gear Ratio: 7.3:1
  • Hand Direction: Right Hand.
  • Colour:
  • Reel Material:
  • Magnetic Breaking System.
  • Low Profile.
  • Durable Aluminum Handles.

Pflueger, another worldwide trusted brand known for its latest and high technology baitcasting reels. One of their most popular and high demand low profile saltwater baitcasting reels is known as ‘Pflueger President’.

It comes with 9 bearing systems. C45 side plates and Low profile quality makes it lighter, easy to carry, and manageable reel. President’s super versatile magnetic brakes block the chances of tangle formation. its smooth knobs provide excellent handgrip during fishing.

Well, a piece of bad news for left handed anglers, as this reel is only available for the right hand model. To catch the left hand model better to move forward to the supreme or down to the president. It provides a maximum gear ratio of 7.3:1 which makes it perfect for the fishing to bring max lines while casting.

Extra smooth handles, you can even easily cast in light lures e.g. in 1/8 ounce. Its truly smooth drag system has made it an unbeatable and ideal reel to enjoy a fishing trip. Low in price but excellent in quality.

Pros & Cons

  • High Line Retrieve Ratio + String grip on handles + Magnetic brakes + Can hold a line up to 170 yards + Have 12 lb. max. drag.
  • Only available in right hand orientation.



9. Penn RIV15LW Baitcasting Reel

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  • Gera Ratio:1:1.
  • Reel Material:
  • Hand Direction: Right hand.
  • Frame:
  • Reel Weight:7 oz.

A lot of anglers put their strong trust in the top-notch baitcasting reel manufacturer company ‘Penn’. Like other big brands, their excellent reels and the support of anglers have put them to stand in the front row.

Penn RIV15LW (Rate rival level wind 15), is their most admired saltwater baitcasting reel we have mentioned here today. A lightweight frame of graphite is used. For better inflexibility, to eliminate frame flex aluminum frame rings are placed.

Stainless steel bearing material allows smooth and continuous functioning. Its carbon fiber drag proves helpful to catch a running fish. Comes with a gear ratio of 5.1:1.

Level reel wind has the advantage that it provides a line guide that moves in and out while line retrieving process. This proves very helpful, which eliminates the care of the uniform distribution of the line across the spools, it also limits any form ups.

Pros & Cons

  • Durable + Light weight
  • Large crank handle



Things to know before buying saltwater baitcasting reel (Buyer’s Guide):

Have chosen the best saltwater baitcasting reel, but don’t know what features should consider before purchasing any baitcaster? And are you sure the baitcasting reel is for you? Keep reading this section to find out the answers to such queries.

Drag force:

The most helpful feature is to grab your bass in the ocean. Typically located close to the handle, inside the reel is usually composed of two friction plates. It is used to apply constant tension on the line while battling fish.

Better to adjust the drag system before fishing to prevent the line from braking while casting. The more tight is the drag the more difficult it will become for the fish to run.

The drag system serves better when it is set between 20- 30 % of the line breaking strength to avoid line breaking e.g. must set the drag in between 4 to six pounds while 20-pound test. Make sure it should not be an excessive or low drag.

Braking Mechanism:

To minimize the chances of backlash tangles while using a baitcasting reel, a braking system is used. Brakes adjust the spool rotation while casting. When lure constantly touches the water it slows down its function, as a result, tangles arise.

The primary function of the brake is to dial the speed of the spool back as it approaches the finish of the cast.

In today’s baitcasting reels three types of braking systems are typically used; Magnetic, Centrifugal, and Manual braking systems. Of the three which brake is smoother and more productive, it depends on how correctly the thumb is placed on the spools

The magnetic system gives better resistance and reduces the formation of tangle in the reel. You may face a problem of how to stop this braking. For that, keep the magnets away from the spool, then place the dial at the least number.

Gear Ratio Or Line Retrieve Ratio:

Gear ratio, the most publicized feature in the baitcasting reel which represents the reel’s speed. It is an extremely highlighted factor that magnifies the best or worst functioning of the reel.

Generally, the gear ratio describes the number of the line after each turn of the handle. It is directly proportional to the line after each turn. A higher gear ratio means more lines per turn. Similarly, low gear brings fewer lines per turn.

Batcasters with smaller gear ratios range from 5.4:1 to 7.4:1. It varies for different rods. Reels with a maximum gear ratio is up to 8.5:1 ( e.g. Shimano Curado). This means the spool will rotate 8.5 times per handle crank.

It is necessary to choose a Baitcasting reel with a higher gear ratio so that it creates better comfort for the anglers to bring maximum lines.

Reel’s Line Size:

While fishing in a deep corner, better to come up with reels that have a large line capacity to minimize the risk of line breaking. It is also proven better to use a large size reel in saltwater fishing, more line capacity, more chances of winning fish battling.

Make sure you got enough lines if fish dare to escape. Typically, low profile reels have fewer spools which result in less line capacity. However, round reels are designed with more lines. But this is not something to worry about.


Usually, Baitcasting frames are made with aluminum or graphite. Classy reels will be made of solitary pieces for unbending nature. And the plates above the casing can be made with aluminum, carbon, or graphite.

Low Profile VS Round Baitcasting Reel; Which is the best?

Baitcasting comes in two types; Low profile and round reels. Both have their costs and benefits. You can choose any of them according to your style and need .lets to make it easier for you to choose, take a brief look at both reels;

Low Profile reels; They are differentiated due to handling and palm side. Most of the anglers prefer to use Low profile reels due to being a bit smaller and lighter size than round reels. A few ounces lighter reels seemed easy manageable to them for a long time fishing. These are used for comfortable casting or smooth retrieve.

If you are in a mind that baitcasters are just for hunting big fishes, then you are wrong. Low profile baitcasters are also used to catch small fishes since their gears steadily lose their function while fighting large fish. They are considered similar to spinning reels, but not exactly similar.

But it is also important to mention that its comfortable size and easy casting don’t make it a perfect reel. It also holds a few drawbacks.

Low profile baitcasters have comparatively less line due to small spools than round reels. But you may also luckily find a low profile having enough line. You may also not enjoy low profile reel while long casting.

Round reels; Besides the popularity of baitcasters, round reels are still in the good books of anglers due to their enough strength and spool power. Likewise, due to their larger spool size, they hold more lines and retrieve faster which makes them best to enjoy long and smooth casting.

They are perfect to play with large fishes because the danger of line breaking is minimized due to their massive line. Their powerful gears allow them to cast long and catch larger fish.

Round reels are often not liked the due bulkier size. Anglers feel their palms tired even after a few casts. Well, this defect can be reduced by using smaller round reels.

Why Baitcasting Reel Is Best For Saltwater Than Spinning Reel?

Probably, this question might also come to your mind that why baitcasters are preferred over spinning reels. Both are the most used reels these days. Both have specific designs and techniques to use. Let’s have a closer look at both of them.

Spinning reels provide better drag control. It also provides good casting and speed. Typically cheaper than baitcasting reels. However, its high quality is not enough to use in saltwater. Spinning reels do not provide easy casting, which is also not good for bulky lures.

They are difficult for a long fishing trip due to heavy weight. The final and the major drawbacks of spinning reels are that they surely show backlashes if you insert heavy or too many lines and are not anti-resistance to corrosive.

On the other hand, baitcasters are corrosive resistant, which eliminates the threat of damage from the saltwater environment. Baitcasters are more manageable and easy to carry.

Their large provides huge line capacity. Provides long casting operations than spinning reels. However, to enjoy all these luxuries, make sure you have enough money to afford them.

How Many Lines Are Advisable To Put On The Baitcasting Reel?

The most important and notable issue. Novice and even the professionals don’t place ample lines and they don’t spool them rightly. You may be wondering if this is costly and it can increase the risk of backlashes. But this is not always the case. A professional bass fisherman ‘Jordan Lee’ has solved this by sharing his own experience.

Jordan says that it is important to put max. lines in a reel. Adjust your reels at least 1/8 entire way top the top. You may hear a noisy voice if you have placed excessive lines.

The backlash problem can be resolved by maintaining baitcasters efficiently. To spin your spool easily start with its tension knob. Make sure it is tight ( if you are just starting out) enough so that when you discharge the thumb lure land gradually without interrupting nearby fishes.

He further added, instead of using expensive lines, experts suggest that go with old fluorocarbon and monofilament backing before twisting the spool. This method will not only save your money but will also hold restrict the braid from slipping.


Whether you are a novice or an expert, shopping for the best saltwater baitcasting reel might prove a complex decision to take. Due to lack of experience, beginners remain in difficulty, even a wrong baitcaster can put the professionals in great distress.

It made them change the baitcasters from time to time. For your relief, we have listed above some of the best baitcasters in the market these days.

If you are a beginner don’t lookout for a fancy baitcaster, having multiple functions. Instead, go with the reel which provides comfort to your starting career. An uncomfortable, weight and tiring reel can spoil your fishing mood and it will force you to go home empty handed.

I would recommend you to do a good practice before fishing because its speedy spools can leave you in difficulty while casting. However, experts are open to trying out the new items for the satisfaction of your expertise. Shop your best item by visiting affiliate links.

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