7 Best Paddles For Inflatable Kayaks

It sounds a sensible decision if you have decided to water trip on an inflatable kayak. Since inflatable kayaks are portable, compact, and manageable.

But your presence here suggests that you are looking more to get the most out of your experience. A kayaking paddle has the power to greatly affect your skills. Since inflatable kayaks are wider than others, you can pick up the kayak compatible paddle by measuring the kayak width and your height.

Below we have compiled a list of the best paddles for inflatable kayaks, keep reading on to pick up the right paddle that best meets your requirements.

7 Best Paddles for Inflatable Kayaks


No# 1 Overmont Kayak Paddle:

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  • 2 piece
  • Paddle weight 920 g
  • Sizes include 218cm, 229cm and 241cm.
  • Polypropylene and Glass Fiber Blade Material

After taking a closer look at its high-performance working, I am pretty sure you are not gonna regret your purchase. ‘Overmont’ is involved in producing decent paddles that give outstanding working in water. Let’s see how?

Most of the kayakers get confused about what type of paddle length is according to their height and kayak’s width. However, it’s not too difficult to choose as it seems.

Overmont paddles are available in three different sizes 218 cm, 229cm, and 241 cm. These lengths are preferable to be purchased by kayakers having a height between 5 ft to 5ft 5”. Better look for other options if you are longer than 5ft 5”.

Professional kayakers give preference to the feather shape of paddles, especially in windy weather, fortunately, Overmont holds this feature. If you have planned a paddling trip soon then you need to consider the feather design importance.

The prime advantage feather shape paddles give is that it minimizes the resistance in paddling in a windy condition. When one paddle is outside the water it doesn’t block the flow of wind due to the flat position and offers smooth rowing.

When it comes to the paddle material Overmont is again on the top. The blades are made of polypropylene and glass fiber. Honestly, try to hit the hard Polypropylene blade on the rocks and you will have no damage.

Yes, hard plastic and glass fiber are considered the best affordable, durable, and lightweight paddle materials. Both the material combines to provide a smooth and long-lasting paddle for the kayakers.

Moreover, the paddle shafts are thin, long, and bent to 90 degrees making them extremely lightweight for casual rowing. It would not demand extra effort to stroke and allows smooth rowing.

Now you have surely been convinced to buy this high-performance paddle, then wait no more and go on.

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • High-quality paddle material
  • Eliminates the resistance due to wind
  • Available in three different sizes
  • There is a risk of expansion of glass fiber material when exposed to sunlight for a long time, however, the issue can be fixed if treated properly.
  • Polypropylene blades are the cheapest ones



No# 2 Winnerwell Unsinkable Kayak Paddle:

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  • 2 piece construction
  • Fiberglass shafts
  • Sizes include 220cm, 230cm, 240cm and 250cm
  • Paddle weight 1.2kg

Winnerwell kayak paddle could be another descent and ideal choice for you. As the name indicates it comes with unsinkable features which left no way to ignore that it allows the kayakers to stroke smoothly, powerfully, and efficiently. Though other qualities are also in the line.

The paddle material might be the basic reason behind your presence here then let me tell you that Winnerwell paddle has fiberglass-reinforced nylon blades.

That is the ultimate proof of the paddle’s rigidity and efficiency. The blades are asymmetrical shapes that allow deeper paddling and smooth mobility.

Moreover, the fiberglass shaft combines to make the paddle lightweight, and durable and provides a powerful stroke in the water. As the fiberglass is considered resistant to hot weather and bending which shows stiffness and strongness of the paddle.

Winnerwell paddle contains a variety of sizes ranging from 220cm to 250cm. Normally, 220cm and 230cm paddles size best fits the kayakers, however, if your height is between 5ft 5” to 6ft you can go with 240cm and 250cm.

The longer you are the more you should consider the paddle size in mind, though the medium height kayakers have no issues at all.

Lastly, the paddle can be detached easily into two pieces providing convenience in storage. The blade angle can also be varied if needed.

Overall, the best paddle to take into the water and enjoy the whole day kayaking.

Pros & Cons

  • Provides easy storage
  • Lightweight
  • High-duty blades
  • Live longer life
  • Allows efficient and smooth paddling



No# 3 Intex French Oars:

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  • Length 122cm
  • Has retainer rings
  • 4 piece
  • Weight 2 pounds

Now your water trips could be extra joyous when paddling with the Intex French oars. Its high-performance working and maneuvering ability in water suggests that it is perfectly designed for inflatable kayaks.

Since it has gained a lot of positive reviews and surpassed other paddles, we included it in our list of best paddles. Lets’ check out what actually it does for a paddler.

The ribbed and spooned-shaped plastic blades do a great job to stroke smoothly. The paddle is easy to manage and assemble and the pieces stay fixed. Feather-shaped blades are another big advantage of the product. Feathered blades are going to assist you to stroke without resistance in windy weather.

Additionally, it also contains retainer rings that get a fix into the kayak rings that provide trouble-free mobility on the water. Since the plastic oars are floatable that eliminates the risk of loss if dropped in the. water

They are much lighter removing the burden from arms and wrists. If you just have a plan for kayaking in shallow areas and don’t want to spend extra pennies, this might be a perfect choice. It also suggests that the Intex French is perfectly designed for beginners since they are not ideal for heavy use.

The Intex paddles are convertible to shorter and longer sizes since it is 4-piece paddle making them extremely size-friendly.

Pros & Cons

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Floatable paddles
  • The 2 piece shaft can be converted.
  • Slim (bend easily)



No# 4 Solstice Watersports:

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  • 4 piece design
  • Aluminum shaft material
  • Paddle length 230cm
  • Paddle weight 1.2kg

Usually, the rich-featured kayaking gears only prove best for the experts and are not often beginners friendly. However, the Solstice kayaking paddle is ideal to begin your kayaking career. It assists all types of kayakers no matter what category you belong to.

Solstice paddle is designed with an aluminum shaft. The big benefit of aluminum shafts contains that they are more cost-effective than other shaft materials.

Also leaves no compromise over making the paddle adjustable and durable. The spooned shape blades are strong enough to resist damage underwaters.

For storage purposes, it is convertible into 4 pieces and makes an easy room in a nylon storage bag that came along with the paddle. The paddle is not only ideal for inflatable kayaks but all other types of kayaks too.

The only weakness you can notice is that Solstice isn’t available in a variety of sizes. It is only made for those looking for a 230cm length. However, it is not the major flaw at all. Since a 230cm paddle is proven perfect for the number of kayakers.

Lastly, the solstice paddle is extremely adjustable and cheapest which enhances the paddling experience with efficient working. The design is all set for good functioning in case of any difficulty while paddling.

So what’s left behind is trying out the paddle’s efficiency on a water trip.

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight
  • High-quality blades and shafts
  • Lives longer life
  • Extremely adjustable for both novice and experts in the sport
  • The blade angle can be varied
  • Contains drip rings
  • Cost-effective
  • Didn’t have a variety of sizes



No# 5 ADVANCED ELEMENTS UltraliteLite:

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  • Aluminum shaft
  • Polypropylene blades
  • 4 piece design
  • Paddle length 224cm
  • Weight 1.5 lb.

Advanced Elements has also been on the top in providing rich quality paddles to its customers. Besides manufacturing inflatable kayaks, there are also involved in producing other kayaking gears. It is included in the list since it is packed with all those features that you need to upgrade your paddling skills.

The paddle is designed in a way to make it extremely lightweight and to minimize the storage issue as much as can be since it can be converted into four pieces. It also came with a storage bag to make transportation easier.

The aluminum shaft provides an easy and strong grip along with care to keep the material sturdy and durable.

Moreover, the blades are leveled, aligned, and come with increased quality due to polypropylene material. Polypropylene plastic has a great strength to resist impacts and comes with a surety to defend the blades against rocks. Despite being powerful, polypropylene paddles are less expensive.

The blades are symmetrical, which signifies without being said that they are ideal to tackle the hard water waves since the blades get equally distributed underwater. The square shape allows a more powerful stroke and hence is a fine choice for whitewater kayaking.

Like Solstice paddle, it doesn’t have a variety of sizes. Although 224cm paddle length is perfectly manageable for the average height of the paddler.

The paddle does float, nevertheless, it is advisable to use the paddle leash so that it won’t float away from your kayak in case of flipping over.

Pros & Cons

  • Extremely portable
  • Lightweight
  • Good choice for whitewater kayaking
  • Best for the price
  • In some cases, the paddle is smaller than described



No# 6 AIRHEAD Kayak Paddle:

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  • 2 piece design
  • Aluminum Shaft
  • Paddle length 234cm
  • Paddle weight 1.36kg

Are you just a beginner? or prefer kayaking after several months? Then you no need to invest in bent shafted, carbon fiber material, or even feathered shape paddles.

Beginners and seasonal kayakers are advised to go with cheap and casual paddles so that initially you came across a manageable, smooth, and trouble-free kayaking experience.

The Airhead paddle contains all the straightforward and painless features that are well-suited for novice kayakers. The paddle shaft is made of aluminum that is the most affordable yet efficient enough for the smooth mobility of beginner paddlers.

The paddle is easily convertible into 2 pieces that symbolize the portability and easy storage of a paddle.

Blades are perfectly spooned in shape and symmetrical allowing powerful strokes against aggressive water waves, which is the plus advantage under a reasonable price.

Additionally, the kayaker’s palms get bruised and injured after paddling for several hours and they end up with a decision to replace the paddle. However, that’s not the case with Airhead, since the paddle shaft contains foam hand grips providing strong and smooth control over the paddle.

Overall, the paddle is best compatible with the wider and longer kayaks and works with the same efficiency for hours.

Pros & Cons

  • Corrosive resistant
  • Aluminum material makes the durable and lightweight
  • Comfortable grip due to foam
  • A bit heavy in some cases



No# 7 Apex Carbon Recreation:

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  • Carbon fiber shaft and blades
  • Paddle weight 0.7kg
  • Paddle length can be varied from 205cm to 225cm
  • Blades can be feathered and matchable

If you are still reading, good to know that you have met the best item so far. After discovering all of its admirable features I can say without a doubt you won’t regret your purchase. Professionals also remain in search of such paddles. But what’s actually in it?

The basic ingredient that increased its demand among kayakers is the high-quality carbon fiber material. It is the lightest one among other materials and eliminates the fatigue of the wrist and arm pain.

If you are just starting carbon fiber paddle is the finest option to boost your kayaking career since it is extremely durable.

Since the paddle is much lighter that is extremely convenient for those who are facing muscles or joint pain

When it comes to rigidness and stiffness, the carbon fiber shaft is powerful enough to tackle any tough condition in water. The carbon fiber is also resistant to corrosion if used in saline water

Furthermore, the Apex Carbon paddle is available for short to middle-height kayakers. The size varies from 205cm to 225cm, making it compatible with every type of kayaking, especially whitewater. If you keep the shorter length then the paddle is ideal to handle tough whitewater waves.

Another big plus the Apex paddle contains is that the blades can be feathered and matched. It allows the kayakers to set whatever angle they want or keep the blades symmetrical.

The symmetrical blades allow a more powerful stroke without any hassle. It is made to provide extra control over the ride.

Yes! A rich-featured paddle also demands more money. Upgrade your budget to enjoy hours of kayaking with a high-performance and convenient paddle.

Pros & Cons

  • Lightest and most durable among others on the list
  • High-duty carbon fiber for more powerful strokes
  • Variety in sizes
  • Good for whitewater kayaking if the length is short
  • Allows hours of kayaking without muscle pain at all.
  • A bit expensive



Adjustable Kayak Paddle:

A comfortable and adjustable paddle can make a huge difference in the kayaking experience. Whether you are using the paddle for recreational purposes or going to adopt kayaking as a profession, it has the power to boost or lower your kayaking abilities.

From the above-mentioned choices, we have included the most comfortable, adjustable, and easy-to-use paddles e.g. Airhead kayak paddle, Solstice watersports paddle, and Overmont kayak paddle.

They are super convenient for both beginners and professionals. Their high-duty manufacturing also signifies the durability, stiffness, and easy transportation of paddles available a reasonable prices.

Best Carbon Fiber Kayak Paddle:

Well, if you are truly sincere about your kayaking career, then the carbon fiber paddle is gonna insist you to buy it now. The reason behind its popularity is the number of admirable features that a carbon fiber paddle comes with.

They are the lightest and most durable of all other materials and no doubt it makes the buyers to invest accordingly.

In our list ‘Apex Carbon Recreation’ is the only one made with carbon fiber shaft and blades. It offers a variety of sizes that you can choose according to your height and kayak’s width. A good-to-go paddle to kick off your career.

Final Thoughts:

Never make a mind that spending more pennies will give you a rich-featured paddle, not at all. Most of the expensive paddles don’t hold enough features to encourage the newbies toward kayaking.

The only factor to consider while shopping for the right paddle is performance. The more the performance of the paddle the more convenient the kayaking tour will become.

Performance might depend on the type of kayaking you are used to e.g. for sea kayaking prefer a corrosive resistant paddle, for whitewater kayaking small size paddles with broad blades are advised to buy.

We have tried our best to mention high-performance paddles in our list so that you can enjoy a comfortable and hassle-free kayaking trip for hours.


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