Necky Eliza Kayak (2023 Review)

Eliza Kayak is a kayak that I purchased for my daughter, who had been begging for one for quite some time.

She absolutely adores it and has taken to paddling around our local pond though she does occasionally take me along with her! An essential component of any inflatable boat is its carrying bag.

This particular model comes furnished with a spacious and durable nylon bag that features a drawstring closure at the top; making it simple to transport your vessel anywhere you desire.

Additionally, a convenient shoulder strap ensures easy portability when transporting across town or across country!

Necky Eliza Kayak

In the past, I relied on my trusty Necky canoe to traverse the waters of Lake Michigan. However, upon discovering Eliza Kayak’s sleek profile and petite size (20’6″), I was drawn in by its presence on our patio and have made use of it as an occasional companion.

The craftsmanship is exquisite from its lightweight aluminum construction to its chic black and white color scheme; everything about this kayak screams elegance!

After a week of leisurely paddling around the lake, I am confident in declaring that this is among the most comfortable and effortless experiences possible! Upon first launching into the water.

I was initially apprehensive owing to its light weight but once seated within this compact vessel there was no need for extra buoyancy allowing me complete relaxation as we glided effortlessly across the calm waters surrounding us.

Setup and assembly

At the heart of the Necky Eliza Kayak is a lightweight aluminum frame. The unit’s primary components deck, gunnels and rudder are easily detachable for transportation purposes.

Setup and assembly

The majority of the assembly process could be completed in only an hour or two, and wouldn’t require using any tools besides Phillips screwdrivers. Assembly proceeded without hiccups!

Removing the deck from its case revealed an array of hex screws, which allowed me to effortlessly detach and assemble the craft’s cockpit sides and front bulkhead sections.


I have used Necky kayaks for several years now; consequently, I have amassed quite a collection of them. Each one varies in terms of comfort some are more snug than others!

The Eliza comes equipped with removable hip pad and thigh padding. These can be swapped out according to preference or even swapped out entirely if they don’t suit you at all!


In addition to the versatility that accrues with the Kayak’s design, you can easily transport it from place to place.

It folds up into an extremely compact form approximately half the size of a typical kayak when packed! For those wanting to venture out on adventures beyond what their home provides, this is an invaluable feature.

Theres simply no better way to rock around than in one of these boats both for portability and ease of use.

Value for money

If you’re seeking a budget option and are on the lookout for something that won’t cost an arm and leg, the Necky Eliza Kayak may be a suitable alternative.

At under $500 USD, this compact sit on top kayak is remarkably affordable when compared to its larger counterparts like the Hobie Remix or Vibe Deluxe.

As such, it comfortably sits within one’s price range without being overbearingly expensive either!

The Necky Eliza Kayak is an ideal choice for those who want to get out on the water without emptying their bank account.

At just under $500 USD, this model provides exceptional value for money one of the reasons why we’ve ranked it first in our review!

Safety and durability

Necky Kayaks have attained class-leading levels of safety and durability, thanks to their wel designed hulls.

They’re crafted from polyethylene with a hardwood frame that gives you the assurance of a sturdy craft.

It is evident that Necky has taken care in adhering to federal regulations by incorporating materials that do not contribute to any pollutants or hazardous gasses.

Specifications (Specs)

At 17ft, the Necky Eliza Kayak is on the smaller side when compared with boats in its class. With 50lb’s of weight capacity even a little one may find themselves comfortable aboard this vessel!

It certainly doesn’t skimp on speed though: this inflatable craft reaches up to 8mph! So whether you’re out for a leisurely day alongside the waters or an invigorating adventure through surf zone, this kayak will easily accommodate either scenario.

With its incredible versatility and superior design, Necky has created a vessel that can be used for adventure or recreation on land or sea.

For the uninitiated, it is an ideal way to explore the world around them; for those already accustomed to such activities as fishing and swimming amongst other things; or even for those seeking an exhilarating recreational experience at any time during their journey!

Bottom line

If you’re looking for a lightweight expedition kayak, the Eliza Kayak is undoubtedly one of the best options available on the market today.

Not only does it boast an impressive weight to size ratio but also offers plenty of storage and stability without sacrificing any agility or control.

With all things considered, I would strongly consider investing in the Necky Eliza Kayak if my needs were similar to those who have previously reviewed this craft: advanced paddler seeking a convenient yet efficient craft that’s capable of accommodating up to five people comfortably!

Final Verdict: Is the Necky Eliza kayak worth it?

I’ve put a considerable amount of time into venturing out to the Necky Eliza and its sibling, the Necky Nia kayak.

Final Verdict: Is the Necky Eliza kayak worth it?

Despite the moderate price tag, both craft offer a relatively spacious interior area that allows for multiple travelers’ comfort and convenience.

The Necky Eliza is an ideal choice for new paddler: it comes with two color choices (black/purple or all white) along with either one person or tandem seating options, which permits versatility when taking advantage of this vessel’s myriad potential uses.

The Necky Eliza kayak in action

It’s hard to maintain composure when confronted by the Necky Eliza kayak, yet it exudes a sense of humor around its shape.

With an adjustable stern deck, I was able to achieve my preferred seating position – 12° 16° and elevate my feet for optimal comfort.

I had ample room for my legs without feeling constrained or constricted; and being able to lean back in this model gave me a sense of adventure during our excursions!


As with any piece of equipment, proper maintenance is essential to ensure that your Necky Kayak remains in peak condition.

Regular inspections will reveal any problems and allow for prompt remediation when necessary so as not to compromise its overall quality and performance capabilities.

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