Ascend D12 Angler Kayak (2023 Review)

The Ascend D12 Angler Kayak is the ideal craft for anglers looking to set their sights on larger gamefish.

The hefty hull offers ample stability for fish perching expeditions and boasts a spacious deck area perfect for storing tackle or lounging during your excursion.

This model also comes equipped with an elevated bow that creates extra space in the cockpit should you want to bring along anything along with yourself!

For those who seek ultimate speed and agility, Ascend’s flagship Angler silhouette delivers the power of an inflatable boat with all of its strength intact.

This lightweight kayak features impressively rigid construction for maximum durability and includes a highly durable polyethylene plastic material making it resistant against punctures from sharp objects like rocks.

Furthermore, this model boasts an impressive payload capacity which allows for plenty of gear storage capacity so no need to pack light on expedition!

Who Are the Current Owners of the Ascend D12 Kayak?

For the most part, owners of Ascend D12 Kayaks are individuals seeking a more portable alternative to traditional fishing kayaks.

They are eager for an accessible design that can be packed up easily into a vehicle and utilized anywhere they may venture!

One of my fellow anglers recently purchased his Ascend D12 Angler Kayak with the goal of taking it on four day excursions.

He has been very pleased with its portability and low profile when compared to traditional fishing craft; yet he continues to rely on its stability when paddling through choppy seas!

Who Are the Current Owners of the Ascend D12 Kayak?

On occasion, the owner of one of the Ascend D12 models will be a small business owner who uses these vessels primarily as a means to carry their wares across rivers or streams.

They might even utilize them during travels where ocean currents can make portage challenging but still decide against using this type of vessel due to size limitations.

Longtime fishermen always crave larger craft than what would be needed for day excursions. However, there are times when a compact, manageable craft is more suitable for navigating shallow estuaries and over rivers.

Why Are People Buying the Ascend D12 Angler Kayak?

For anglers seeking to venture out and catch their dinner, the Ascend D12 Angler Kayak is a formidable weapon of choice.

For starters, its massive rocker profile provides ample leeway for maneuvering; yet still allowing for quick transitions between paddling strats without compromising stability or control throughout while casting or retrieving fish.

This versatile kayak has a spacious cockpit that can accommodate up to three passengers, making it ideal for fishing excursions with friends.

Its unique design makes loading this vessel into multiple vehicles easy even in tight spaces! On top of all that, the Ascend D12 also boasts strong mobility thanks to its sturdy deck design which facilitates co trolled river surfing.

With so much versatility packed into one kayak, many customers have expressed interest in purchasing these models for both fishing expeditions as well as various other recreational activities such as horseback riding and even mountain biking!

Comfort & Fit

For those who require more in their fishing kayak, the Ascend D12 Angler offers loads of space and a comfy ride.

Its large cockpit features ample legroom for both front seat occupants; its soft padded seating provides adequate support while remaining flexible enough to accommodate even those with larger frames.

While on land, you can appreciate the spaciousness of this vessel’s cockpit. With ample room for two paddlers or one person plus gear, it affords the freedom to load up without feeling constrained like in some other designs.

The high roofline is also a treat providing plenty of overhead area for sunbathing! With its sturdy construction, the Ascend D12 Angler boasts an exceptionally rigid deck that allows for easy boat handling.

Features & Controls

The Ascend D12 has an ergonomic design, making it supremely comfortable to paddle or fish from. This kayak boasts a compact layout that makes access to the cockpit convenient!

At just over 18 ft in length, this fishing vessel offers ample deck space for taking on onboard gear like tackle boxes and rod holders while maintaining maximum flexibility.

In addition, a large castor wheel at the stern provides easy access to your gear without removing one’s feet from their shoes!

Suspension and Tracking

With their top tier construction and craftsmanship, the Ascend D12’s deck and hull are both outfitted with adjustable footrests or bungee cords to provide a customizable fit.

Gripping handles on either side of the kayak allow for swift transport into or out of the vehicle, while also eliminating physical strain during long carries.

The higher volume underfoot of this vessel necessitated some tweaking namely in regards to its tracking tendencies. Our testers found that compared to some of our other test models (such as the Hobie Pro Angler 12.6), its ability to pivot around obstacles is notably less pronounced.

Paddling Performance

Ascend D12 has a spacious cockpit, offering plenty of room for fishing or paddling. I was able to pack my rod and tackle in the rear compartment with ease something that is not always possible when hopping on the water!

I routinely equipped myself with a staff rig, but if you desire, Ascend D12 can accommodate an array of fishing gear as well.

With adequate space available within this craft’s decked out hull; along with ample legroom allowing for easy movement while seated; all make it an ideal vessel for both novice and experienced anglers alike!

Action and Movement in the Water

The Ascend D12 Angler Kayak’s lightweight design and versatile versatility of use enable it to be easily transported anywhere with ease, whether that be by car or plane. This allows for a level of freedom as you choose where you’d like to venture within reason!

Action and Movement in the Water

The kayak’s compact size also enables it to move effortlessly within the water; from tranquil lakeside strolls to more adventurous expeditions out on the open sea.

Maintenance and Storage

To preserve the lifetime of your Ascend D12 Angler Kayak, we strongly recommend that it be stored within its factory applied high pressure sealant when not in use.

To ensure the longevity of any product, regular maintenance and inspection should be performed by both owner and professional alike.

Once you have acquired Ascend D12 Angler Kayak, don’t forget to seek out opportunities for regular do it yourself checks!

After five years of intensive use on an average day, we took our Ascend D12 Angler Kayak into our workshop for some standard upkeep.

Aesthetics and Design

The Ascend D12 Angler is a sleek and understated design that exudes strength. At only 12′ long, it sits atop the legendary Ascend Kayaks Impress pedigree while maintaining their utilitarian form factor.

The Ascend D12 has a semi-recessed bow deck which is quite spacious and accommodating for all your gear.

Equipped with an included Paddlesports oarset accessory pack, you can choose between paddlesport blades for maximum versatility when on the water! If portability is what you are after then don’t forget about the retractable leg rest an indispensable addition to any adventure!

How Much Do Versatile Anglers Like the Ascend D12 Kayak?

If you’re looking for an angler that can do it all, then this kayak is for you! The Ascend D12 can be transformed from a high-speed touring vessel into a compact inflatable boat that can be maneuvered by one person with ease.

The Ascend D12 boasts a spacious and comfortable cockpit area with ample room for two people. With its two-person capacity and dual seating positions, there’s no need to worry about being cramped when out on the water with friends.

At the heart of any angler is their trusty fishing rod but what if you don’t have one? That’s where designs like the Ascend D12 come in: providing an affordable solution so that you can venture beyond your local waters without any worries at all!

Is There a Dilemma for Most Ascend D12 Kayakers?

One of the most vexing dilemmas encountered with kayak fishing is choosing a durable, comfortable and affordable craft that can accommodate both you and your gear.

These days, there are myriad choices available. From inflatable to hard-shell, recurved to round bilge; you could be spoiled for choice!

If you want a kayak that’s suitable for solo expeditions or groups alike (think family outings with kiddos), the Ascend D12 comes highly recommended.

What’s in the Box for the Ascend D12 Kayak?

Essential attachments like a fishing rod, reel seat and tackle box.

Protection from the elements is crucial while committed angling expeditions; foam filled nylon shells are typically employed for optimal protection against the harshest weather conditions whilst maintaining lightweight construction.

Despite its compact size, the Ascend D12 boasts a respectable carrying capacity of 240lbs. This is just enough for two average sized adults without any difficulty.

The Ascend kayak comes complete with rope handles that provide an effortless means of lifting this craft onto your vehicle’s roof rack. Upon arrival, simply open up the rear hatch and lower it into position.


For the Ascend D12 Angler Kayak, be sure to experience the ultimate in stability and agility with its extended tracking capabilities.

With an ample carrying capacity of up to 650 pounds, you can take this kayak wherever you desire from small streams to large lakes!

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