Aquaglide Mckenzie 125 Kayak (2023 Review)

The Aquaglide Mckenzie 125 Kayak offers beginner paddlers a stable platform to learn on, without sacrificing performance. This model is lightweight and compact allowing for easy transport from location to location.

Its patented self-bailing system ensures that all accidental spills are quickly remedied; keeping you dry during those unexpected mishaps!

In addition to its impressive construction, the Mckenzie 125 boasts watertight storage compartments that can be accessed via its unique zip proof drain valve.

Additionally, there are three integrated Paddlesports seating arrangements that make navigating through choppy waters effortless!

Aquaglide Mckenzie 125 Kayak Review:

If you’re looking for a budget friendly kayak with an ambitious design, the Aquaglide Mckenzie 125 is just the ticket.

Equipped with a turning rudder system featuring one bail out track (vs. two conventional ones) and secure seating for those more adventuresome outings, this model offers exceptional safety for those new to kayaking alike.

Maxspeed reserves some of its most thorough testing for any given model within its lineup, so we found ourselves operating on B.B.

Aquaglide Mckenzie 125 Kayak Review:

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Its small size doesn’t present much of an issue during transport; In fact, it’s rather lightweight at only 35 pounds!


At just 8 pounds, this reconditioned model of the McKenzie boasts an impressive weight capacity. Despite its lightweight nature, it is still durable enough to accompany travelers on adventures up to 350lbs.

If you’re in search of a compact kayak that can tackle both open water and sheltered coves alike with ease look no further!

Disadvantages: The lack of storage space in this model makes it unsuitable for any longer journeys. However, at just 12 inches thick it offers a portable solution for anyone without much luggage space on hand.

This particular size does not offer protection from the elements; however it would be suitable for most individuals looking for an economical yet basic choice.


At some point in time, I may end up purchasing this kayak myself. Despite its phenomenal performance and stellar reputation, there are a few drawbacks that I have yet to come across with regard to my experience thus far.

The deck is quite narrow, so if you’re looking for a big vehicle based expedition then don’t expect it to fit into any boats larger than itself.

However, as it’s an inflatable design there are endless possibilities when creating customizing options or transporting it due to its compact dimensions! This can prove an advantage over other models however concessions must be made when detaching the footrest and throwing away the pump.

If you plan on taking this out for more than just local paddling expeditions and want a lightweight kayak without sacrificing roominess this could be ideal!

Despite its lack of storage compartments, this model does offer two large openings through which you can access its three hatches.

Additionally, those who desire maximum accessibility may appreciate the fact that this craft has a straightforward design that ensures your legs remain free while fishing out at sea.

Assembly and set up time:

In just over one hour from opening the box to taking a paddle, you could be out on your maiden voyage. You can’t go wrong with an hour-long project!

Assembly is straightforward and intuitive, thanks to clear instructions that simplify the process. Keep in mind that while there are fewer components involved than some competitors, they’re still rather bulky so it’s best to avoid lifting anything heavier than a camera or wallet during assembly.

Portability and transportation:

To say that the Aquaglide McKenzie 125 is an ideal choice for a light-weight day-tripper would be an understatement. At just over 16 pounds, transporting this kayak couldn’t be simpler!

Portability and transportation:

Though not designed with transportation in mind, this model is still quite compact and easy to transport; however, it’s recommended to leave space alongside any vehicle as necessary!

Design and size:

The Mckenzie is designed for one person, but can accommodate two at an optimal double occupancy position. This gives it a spacious feeling despite its compact size.

With my 6’1″ frame, I found that even with the footrest raised I had ample legroom when seated in this kayak. Sitting upright with both feet planted on the footrests eliminated any issue of discomfort whatsoever perfect!

The 125 lbs weight limit certainly doesn’t feel like much of an obstacle when paddling down a gentle stream. For me personally though, I would rate myself as being in the upper end of this range.

However, if your figure is near the lower limit such as 120 lbs then acquiring a second person and/or utilizing their assistance may prove useful during travel.

Comfort and Maneuverability:

The comfortable, high-density foam seat cushions are what make this model so appealing to novice or experienced paddlers alike.

Comfort and Maneuverability:

This is one of the most accommodating kayaks on the market when it comes to seating and comfort.

Additionally, thanks to its efficient design and lightweight materials that make up the construction process, it’s quite easy for an operator to maneuver this craft with relative ease.

Whether you’re just learning how to ride a kayak or undertaking an expedition across placid waters it’s ideal for both!

For pure excitement, you’ll find yourself truly captivated by the responsiveness of this boat. When you set off from a starting point like my own back yard dock there’s no greater feeling than being able to navigate effortlessly through calm waters with just a little bit of effort required!


The Aquaglide McKenzie 125 offers a profoundly agreeable paddling experience, from its intricate deck layout and wide seating position to its supple, buoyant hull. It’s simply exhilarating!

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